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Letter to AMSLC Students

Dear AMSLC Participant:

We are very pleased that you are interested in attending AMSLC 2006. The planning committee at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is working very hard to ensure that you will have an exciting and rewarding leadership experience at the conference on October 13-15, 2006. The theme of this year's conference is "Diversity: the thread that holds us together." A tentative agenda is available online for your review.

For the first time in AMSLC history, the UW System AMSLC Task Group recommended that all AMSLC participants who have attended the conference in previous years must submit an abstract for presentation at this year's conference (unless your campus decides otherwise). This does not preclude first-time attendees to submit and present at the conference as well. The presentation format can be oral or performance (10 minutes), or poster/visual arts (for audience viewing) during scheduled times. All presenters will receive a certificate of award for their outstanding accomplishments at the conference.

Please note that all AMSLC forms must be submitted electronically by April 28, 2006. You, your campus AMSLC coordinator, and UW-Milwaukee will each receive a copy of your online registration information. If you are submitting an abstract, in addition to the above persons, your faculty/staff advisor/mentor and UW-Whitewater will receive a copy of your abstract submission information.

Please follow these instructions in completing the AMSLC registration process:
  1. Fill out the online AMSLC 2006 STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM and click the submit button when done.

  2. Fill out the online AMSLC 2006 STUDENT ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM, if you are submitting an abstract for presentation at the conference, and click the submit button when done. Just submitting this abstract form does not mean that you are registered for the conference! You must fill out the AMSLC 2006 STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM to complete the registration process.
If you have any questions, please contact your campus AMSLC coordinator. We look forward to seeing you in October!


Victoria Pryor, Chair
UW-Milwaukee AMSLC 2006 Planning Committee
Multicultural Student Centers, Bolton Hall, First Floor

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