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Textbook Loan Program

The Black Cultural Center (BCC) has a number of books that are available to students through its Textbook Rental Program.

Policies and Procedures

To qualify for the rental program:

  • Students must be financially needy as evidenced by their financial aid packages and/or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Students must meet with Ramona Sledge, MSC advisor, or one of the other MSC staff to talk about their extenuating circumstances that lead to their inabilities to purchase textbooks.

If a student qualifies for the program, he/she:

  • Must complete and sign the Textbook Rental Program Agreement Form.
  • Must pay a nominal rental fee for the textbooks.
  • Must return the textbooks at end of semester by a specified time as indicated in the agreement.  The rental period for the textbooks is no longer than one semester.
  • Must complete a form upon the return of textbooks.
  • Must return the textbooks in similar conditions (clean, unmarked, and intact) as when they were rented out.
  • Must pay additional fees if the textbooks were returned in worse conditions.
  • Must pay the full price of textbooks if they are lost or purchase the textbooks to replace the lost ones.
  • Will have a hold placed on his/her record if the textbooks are lost and not paid in full or replaced.  The hold on the record will not be removed until textbooks are returned, replaced, or paid in full.

Cash rental fees are required when completing the agreement form. Textbooks must be returned on time and in good condition.  The fee amounts are determined as follows:

  • $5 for textbooks valued up to $30.
  • $10 for textbooks valued at $31 to $60.
  • $15 for textbooks valued at $61 to $90.
  • $20 for textbooks valued at $91 or above.

For more information, please contact Ramona Sledge in Bolton 177 at 414.229.5834 or e-mail her at

Multicultural Student Centers, Bolton Hall, First Floor

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