This appendix articulates the relationship between the seven goals of the University of Wisconsin System document Plan 2008: Educational Quality Through Racial and Ethnic Diversity, and the four goals of the Milwaukee Commitment: UWM's Strategic Plan for Racial and Ethnic Diversity (MC). The seven goals of Plan 2008, with relevant explanations, are as follows:

1) Increase the number of Wisconsin high school graduates of color who apply, are accepted, and enroll at UW System institutions.

MC Goal 3 includes the following related statement: "Increase the proportion of TRE/D* students to reflect their numbers in the metropolitan Milwaukee population..." MC Goal 3, Action Step 1 provides scholarship monies to assist in the recruitment of students to UWM. MC Goal 1 is also intended to improve these numbers.

2) Encourage partnerships that build the educational pipeline by reaching children and their parents at an earlier age.

MC Goal 1 responds to this statement: "Increase the scope of UWM's precollege programs to reach TRE/D students in the fourth grade and above in the Milwaukee Public Schools, while doubling the number of students served..." Note that Goal 1, Action Step 1 specifies relevant partnerships for this initiative.

3) Close the gap in educational achievement, by bringing retention and graduation rates for students of color in line with those of the student body as a whole.

MC Goal 3 includes achieving "...parity in the retention and graduation rates [of TRE/D students] with non-TRE/D students..." See related steps under Goal 3.

4) Increase the amount of financial aid available to needy students and reduce their reliance on loans.

MC Goal 3, Action Steps 1 and 2 include the $25,000,000 of endowment monies for this specific purpose.

5) Increase the number of faculty, academic staff, classified staff and administrators of color, so that they are represented in the UW System workforce in proportion to their current availability as potential employees.

MC Goal 2 includes the following statements: "Increase the percentage of TRE faculty and the percentage of TRE academic staff..." See related steps under Goal 2.

6) Foster institutional environments and course development that enhance learning and a respect for racial and ethnic diversity.

Regarding course development, MC Goal 3, Action Step 3 includes the following: "UWM will target resources to support faculty members' efforts to infuse appropriate information about TRE groups into the curriculum." The establishment of a Multicultural Studies Librarian position and the enhancement of relevant materials in MC Goal 3, Action Step 4 will also "function as a resource for faculty and academic staff to identify and make available materials for infusing diversity into the curriculum..." Regarding the institutional environment at UWM, these curricular developments, in conjunction with initiatives specified in Goals 3, Action Steps 7 and 8 (as well as those specified in Goals 1 and 2), could have a dramatic impact on the environment.

7) Improve accountability of the UW System and its institutions.

MC Goal 4 addresses this item specifically: "Increase institutional accountability for achieving diversity..." See also related Action Steps 1, 2 and 3.

*TRE/D refers to targeted racial/ethnic and disadvantaged students, faculty, or staff.