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Successful Plan 2008 Programs
Spring, 2003

The following successful programs from UWM were selected by the Successful Plan 2008 Program Selection Committee, which was comprised of members of the Multicultural Affairs Council. The selection was based on programs that were included in the Plan 2008 Phase I Report and nominated by schools, colleges and divisions using the "Successful Plan 2008 Program Nomination Form." Each school/college/division was eligible to nominate up to three programs for consideration. A total of 20 programs were nominated by seven schools/colleges and two divisions.

Plan 2008 Goals

Southeast Asian Student Academic Services (L&S)
MEDAL (submitted by SARUP)
American Indian Student Services (L&S)
Industrial Scholars Scholarship Program (CEAS)
Institute on Multicultural Relations (AA)
Ko-Thi Dance Company (PSOA)
U-Visit (SA)
Health Careers Bridge Program (SON)
Health Career Opportunity Program (CHS)
Health Careers Opportunity Program (CHS)
DUIT - Diverse Urban Interdisciplinary Teams (CHS)
Architecture Summer Camp (SARUP)
Precollege Summer Arts Camp (PSOA)
Milwaukee Teacher Training & Mentoring Program (SCE)
Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective Course (CHS)

Note: Per UW System guidelines, no more than three programs were submitted for each Plan 2008 goal.
AA - Division of Academic Affairs
CEAS - College of Engineering and Applied Science
CHS - College of Health Sciences
L&S - College of Letters & Science
PSOA - Peck School of the Arts
SA - Division of Student Affairs
SARUP - School of Architecture and Urban Planning
SCE - School of Continuing Education
SON - School of Nursing

Selection Committee Members:
Susanne Carter, Advisor, Peck School of the Arts
Carmen Cepeda, Advisor, Roberto Hernandez Center
Marion McDowell, Assistant Dean, College of Health Sciences
Marcia Parsons, Professor, Peck School of the Arts
Sharon Stricklin, Coordinator, LINKS
Dao Vang, Coordinator, Southeast Asian Student Academic Services
Committee members met on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 to discuss and select programs.

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