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PantherMail in myUWM
Accessing PantherMail in myUWM

PantherMail can be accessed from three places in the portal:
  1. From the myUWM Menu
  2. From the myUWM header bar
  3. From the PantherMail pagelet
    • The PantherMail pagelet allows you to preview mail in your inbox. See the PantherMail Pagelet section for instructions.
Signon to PantherMail through myUWM

  1. If you have not yet signed on to PantherMail, you can do so through the:
    1. myUWM Menu: click on PantherMail
    2. myUWM header bar: click on PantherMail
    3. PantherMail pagelet: click on Primary Inbox.
      • The PantherMail pagelet must be customized before you can use it to access your email. See the PantherMail Pagelet section for instructions.
  2. Enter your ePanther ID in the box for User ID
  3. Enter your ePanther password in the box for Password
  4. Click the SAVE button
Your PantherMail account should now be visible in a new browser window.
Set-up PantherMail Pagelet in myUWM

Until you customize your email preferences, the PantherMail pagelet will display a message that directs you to go to Preferences and enter the User ID and Password for your Email account. To display your most recent email messages and access them from this pagelet, you need to complete a few set-up steps.
  1. Click on the customize button at the top of the pagelet
  2. Type your ePanther ID in the Email User ID box
  3. Type your ePanther password in the Password box
  4. Indicate the number of email notifications you would like to appear in the PantherMail pagelet. We recommend displaying 12 or fewer. The message sender and subject will be displayed.
  5. If you decide you no longer want email notifications displayed in the PantherMail pagelet AND you do not want to access your email from this pagelet, check the box to the left of Do Not Display These Messages. You will now have to access your email from the myUWM Menu or header bar.
    • PLEASE NOTE: you must enter the number of messages to display even if you check the box to the left of Do Not Display These Messages.
  6. Do not add additional email accounts. MyUWM can only retrieve PantherMail email notifications for one account. Access to home or work accounts is not available at this time.
  7. Click the SAVE button

Refresh PantherMail Pagelet

You will need to refresh the pagelet periodically to show new messages. To do this, click on the refresh button in the paglet header.

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