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News from the Chancellor’s Council on Enrollment Management
Celtic Studies talk with guest Tyler Hackworth.
A poetry reading by UWM Creative Writer instructor Jim Chapson and three UWM Creative Writing students, in celebration of National Library Week and National Poetry month.
"The Political Context of the Percent Black-Urban Neighborhood Violence Link: A Multilevel Analysis," presented by Christopher Lyons, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of New Mexico
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Thhe Office of Enrollment Management is raising money for a local Milwaukee charity serving the poor and homeless.
Reinhard Laubenbacher, Univ. of Connecticut, will present
Sampada Kharade, Biological Sciences, UWM, will present "Novel Motility, Protein Secretion and Chitin Utilization Machinery of Flavobacterium johnsoniae"
Craig Atwood, UW-Madison, will present "The Reproductive-Cell Cycle Theory of Aging: Its Genesis from Research into Alzheimer's Disease"
Jeffery Snodgrass, Anthropology, Colorado State, will present "Stress Resilience among Indian Indigenous 'Conservation Refugees': Toward a Biocultural Ethnographic Science"
Professor Ellen Amster from the UWM Department of History will discuss her new book.
Graduate and undergraduate research poster presentation. (Download linked flyer for details.)
Leonard's art focuses on investigating sounds, structures, and objects from the natural world.
Wei Huang, Geography, UWM, will present his dissertation research: "Spatial Dimension of Tower Karst and Cockpit Karst: A Case Study of Guilin, China"
Look at beautiful stars while relaxing to live music by composer John Boyle
A difficult journey that begins in hopelessness and shame for thousands of women in Ethiopia ends in a productive new life.
A student competition sponsored by the Letters & Science language and culture programs.
Join the Institute of World Affairs and Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy at Brown University, on April 24, at 7pm in the Hefter Conference Center, for a discussion about why austerity doesn't work.
Help guide UWM's future
This colloquium discusses the impacts of the Carnation Revolution from an international and interdisciplinary standpoint.
UWM hosted "City As Solution: Building the New Urban Agenda."
UWM hosted "City As Solution: Building the New Urban Agenda."
On Thursday, April 24th, a Tornado Drill will be conducted in all campus buildings.
Please submit nominations for the Dr. PB Poorman Award for Outstanding Achievement on Behalf of LGBTQ People. Submission deadline is April 25, 2014
Friday lecture presented by Annabelle Selldorf, Principal,
Selldorf Architects, NY
Chris Newfield, English, UC-Santa Barbara, will present "The Humanities in the Post-Capitalist University"
If you missed the opportunity on March 26, register now for the next UWM On-Site Biometric Screenings.
Open to anyone who would like to learn more about Comparative Literature at UWM and enjoy good food and conversation.
Woodcocks & Frogs Hike
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Ashish Anshu, Biological Sciences, UWM, will present "Kinases Kin1 and Kin2 Pleiotropically Regulate Splicing and Translation of HAC1 mRNA"
"Text messaging interventions to improve medication adherence among HIV-infected persons at risk for neuropsychological impairment"
Jana Viel, Geography, UWM, will present her thesis research: "Factors Driving Occupancy of Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) in Human-Dominated Landscapes: A Citizen Science-Based Study in Southeastern Wisconsin" and Wei Xu will present his thesis research: "Developing population grid with demographic trait: an example for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin"
Gregg Jay Zuckerman, Yale University, presents "Branching Multiplicities for Representations of Lie Algebra."
This year’s CIE conference, “After Capitalism,” takes place on April 25 and 26, and will feature international scholars from a range of disciplines who will examine capitalism’s history, theories, and its twenty-first century parameters, transformations, and potential end.
Hosting four readers of different genres to come together in Union Art Gallery.
Students will share stories and photos about their study abroad experiences in Thailand and Malawi.
UWM's GIS Council (Geographic Information Systems)presents Len Kne, Associate Director of U-Spatial at the University of Minnesota, speaking on "The Story of a Start-Up Organization"
You are invited to a journey through the wide world of complex materials structures for a first-hand experience of the nanoscale.
Urban Studies Programs 50th Anniversary Spring Forum
Bruce Western, Sociology and Criminal Justice Policy, Harvard, presents keynote of USP 50th Anniversary Spring Symposium: "Reform, Redemption, and Mass Incarceration."
All respondents will be entered in a drawing for Amazon gift cards.
Iron Age Archaeology in Croatia by Dr. Hrvoje Potrebica, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Zagreb.
Enjoy the local premieres of seven recent, critically-acclaimed Italian films. Free at the UWM Union Theatre.
Nicholas D. Hartlip, Illinois State University, presents "The Danger of a Single Story: How we can disrupt the model minority stereotype of Asians in the US via counter storytelling"
A Conference on South Korea's Rise: Politics, Economics, and Humanities is going to be held on May 1 -2, 2014 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in Union Room E345 B&C; please visit this website for more information.
"Teacher Education: Translating Policies into Practice" Join Professor Barbara Bales for a crucial conversation on how policy changes ultimately relate to supporting or constraining teacher effectiveness.
Ishwariya Venkatesh, Biological Sciences, UWM, will present "Probing Molecular Pathways Driving Central Nervous System Regeneration in Zebrafish"
Sharon Roseman, Memorial University, Newfoundland, will present "The Production of Galician Space: Confronting the Area Studies Legacy"
Simulating Cosmic Reionization," Nick Gnedin,
University of Chicago
Celebrate your collegues, 3 p.m. in the Union Wisconsin Room. Reception to follow.
Guests will enjoy seeing beautiful Greek landscapes and tasting Greece's unique food. $2 admission.
Art History Exhibition in the Library, near the Grind
Organized by Biomedical and Health Informatics Research Institute (BHIRI).