University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Use your ePantherID and Password to Access EDUCAUSE home page

Your ePantherID and password can now be used to access EDUCAUSE services, resources and information.

Online instructions for how to use your UWM credentials to access EDUCAUSE are available at the UWM Identity and Access Management Program website.

EDUCAUSE is a non-profit organization which focuses on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education. Its activities include applied research, conferences and programs focused on advanced core technologies, policy, security, teaching, and learning.

This additional use of your ePantherID and password is part of UWM's Identity and Access Management program which has the goal to expand the use of the ePantherID and password to organizations and institutions outside of UWM.

In addition to EDUCAUSE, UWM credentials can also be used to access: If you have questions accessing EDUCAUSE using your ePantherID and password, email EDUCAUSE support at

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