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Expense reimbursements to be paid by direct deposit

The Business & Financial Services Accounting Department announces that expense reimbursements will now be direct-deposited to your checking account.

Beginning Wednesday, August 1, 2012, all travel expense reports will be paid to employees via direct deposit (ACH) .  The service will be available to employees who currently receive their paycheck via ACH .  This new process replaces our existing process of sending paper checks and will save on printing, check stock and postage costs.  Payments will be deposited to the same bank account where your payroll check is deposited.

Expense reports will still be audited and entered in the payment system, but this process means you will no longer have to wait for your check to arrive in the mail.  You will not be notified when your payment has been processed so keep a copy of your reimbursement request for confirmation with your bank statement.

Should you have questions or issues, please contact Accounts Payable-Travel Desk at 229-4528.

FAQ – Travel Reimbursement process

Q. What if I have multiple bank accounts set up with H uman R esources System ?
A.  The reimbursement will deposit to the highest priority bank account entered in the HRS .

Q.  How will the payment show up on my bank statement?
A.  Each bank has its own standard for what is presented on your statement.  However, the bank is required to include the company name.  In this case, it would be: UWMIL

Q.  Will the payment show up in WISDM ?
A.  The payment will show up as a voucher similar to what you see for printed check payments.

Q.  How will non-employees be paid for their Travel Expense Report (TER) submission?
A.  There is no change for non-employee payments.  ACH is available only to employees who currently have payroll direct-deposited to their bank accounts.

Q.  Are there any exceptions to the direct deposit process?
A.  Yes, Travel Advance requests will still be processed with a check that must be picked-up in the Accounts Payable office.  A travel advance cannot be direct deposited to your checking account.

Q.  Will this apply to a Payment to Individual Report (PIR ) or any other requests?
A.  No, the ACH process will apply to expense reimbursement for employees only.

Q.  Where can I get other questions answered?
A. Contact Accounts Payable-Travel at 229-4528 for assistance.

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