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Call for nominations

Outstanding Nontraditional Student Recognition Award

We are currently acceptingnominations for the Outstanding Nontraditional Student Awards for the 2012-2013 academic year. Details regarding eligibility for this award are listed below.

Click here to access the electronic nomination form which will remain open until January 1, 2013.You are encouraged to nominate multiple individuals if you know of several students deserving of this award. All UWM faculty and staff are welcome to submit nominations.

All award winners will be recognized at an Outstanding Nontraditional Student Recognition Reception to be held February 4, 2013. Event details will be available soon.

Recipients will be selected based on the following:

  • Must be a nontraditional student (*see below for details)
  • Must be an undergraduate student at UWM during the 2012-2013 academic year
  • Must demonstrate strong academic performance
  • The brief narrative provided within the nomination must describe why the candidate is deserving of an outstanding nontraditional student award

*Defining the term "nontraditional" is challenging so use your best judgment when nominating and indicate what makes your nominee both outstanding and nontraditional. Some characteristics of a nontraditional student may include:

  • Delaying enrollment or taking a break from college
  • Working full time (30+ hours per week) while enrolled in school
  • Considered financially independent
  • Student-parent (or has other dependents)
  • Military Veteran
  • Numerous additional factors exist so if you feel a student is nontraditional and outstanding, please nominate that person!

If you are unable to access the nomination form via the link above, copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:

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