University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Reminder: Do not use your pantherLINK Trash folder to store email

This is a reminder NOT to store email in your pantherLINK Trash folder that you intend to save. Trash folder email older than 30 days is subject to automatic deletion. This auto-deletion process applies only to email in your Trash folder.

If you want to save email in your pantherLINK account, here are some tips:
  • Set up new email folders if you have email you would like to save for future reference or to ensure compliance with University Records Retention policies.
  • Establish sorting filters to have your incoming email automatically directed to specific folders.
Where can you find help?
  • Refer to the “Help Zimlet” in your pantherLINK email view where you’ll find documentation and quick, easy “how-to” videos
  • For information about email management and retention, visit the Email Management Web page
  • Sign up to take a pantherLINK “short course” from the UITS Learning TECHniques staff. Spring semester classes will be posted soon.
It is important to ensure email you intend to save or should be saved to meet Records Retention policies is not stored in your pantherLINK email Trash folder. Better management of your email helps you, and helps keep the email service running smoothly.

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