University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Oct. 3, Education Advisory Board presentation

"Future Students, Future Revenues: Creating a Principled and Sustainable Enrollment Strategy"

Sarah Moore, Associate Director for Strategic Research, Education Advisory Board
1-3 p.m., Curtain 175

With greater pressure on all non-tuition funding sources, many institutions are looking to grow enrollment or change the mix of their student base to fund strategic initiatives. However, the number of traditional-age, college-ready students is set to shrink across the next decade, threatening stable enrollment and essential instructional revenues.

This presentation provides a detailed environmental scan and analysis of the higher education industry to help you focus campus discussions on how to respond to these changing industry dynamics. In addition, we will profile innovative ways to help you identify the most promising student populations and to support students from a broad range of backgrounds.

Questions answered in this session:

  • How will demographic trends and changing student preferences impact different types of higher education institutions?
  • What are the best opportunities and strategies for growing masters and professional education?
  • Which academic programs are likely to be most attractive to students?
  • How can institutions develop pathways and partnerships to identify, recruit, and support non-traditional student populations?

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