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May 1, Choose Privacy Week Event

Choose Privacy Week Event (Privacyrevolution.Org)

The Computational Work Of Policing: 
Surveillance Video & The Forensic Sensibility

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
2-4 p.m.

UWM Libraries
4th Floor Conference Center

2311 E Hartford Ave Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Dr. Kelly Gates
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Science Studies Program

University of California, San Diego

As a result of the widespread diffusion of CCTV security systems, recorded surveillance video has become a prolific source of evidence in criminal investigations. In this talk, Kelly Gates examines the evidentiary uses of recorded surveillance video, arguing that the status of video as evidence is the result of an intentional process of production, one that involves repurposing technologies and techniques borrowed from the domain of creative media production. She examines the effort to establish the scientific and legal credibility of forensic video analysis, showing how the scientific and legal status of forensic video analysis depends fundamentally on the professionalization of its practitioners.

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