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Email/Calendar Project Underway

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UITS is facilitating a project to replace the current pantherLINK email and calendar service currently hosted in-house with a cloud-based service to be hosted off-campus.

Two systems are under consideration - Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. These two services are the most widely-used cloud-based applications in higher education.

Key steps in the discovery phase of the project are to:
  • Obtain feedback and validation from faculty, staff and students of requirements/needs gleaned from past email/calendar initiatives
  • Examine those requirements against the service features of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365
  • Recommend a solution based on “best-fit” of requirements, as well as and budget for procurement, implementation and on-going support
  • Obtain feedback from the UWM community
  • Provide a final report to the Chancellor and the Chancellor’s Cabinet for a decision
Once a decision has been made, UITS will coordinate the implementation phase of the project to include configuring our local infrastructure, testing, and migrating accounts to the new service. In addition, training and support will be readied to ensure faculty, staff and students are prepared for the change.

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