University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Laura L. Hunt

Students involved in L’MAR

  • Sam Bingham (computer science)
  • Jessica Chepp (civil engineering)
  • Bailey Zhao (SUNY-Binghamton)
  • Ross Goessl (incoming freshman)
  • Kyle Bruggink (incoming freshman)
  • Mark Matson (mechanical engineering, graduated)
  • Trevin Erdmann (electrical engineering)
  • Brian Ardaugh (electrical engineering, graduate student, graduated)
  • John Ringstad (mechanical engineering, graduated)
  • Andrew Vechart (mechanical engineering, graduated)
  • Chris Verink (mechanical engineering, graduated)
  • Matthew Peterson (UW-Parkside)

Students in Team L’MAR have been supported by the UWM SURF program and the WATER Institute’s NSF-sponsored Summer REU Program.

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