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Michael R. Lovell

Campus update from Interim Chancellor Lovell
December 10, 2010

Dear UWM Faculty, Staff and Students

There have been new developments in three areas – university parking, the School of Public Health facility in downtown Milwaukee and the Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital campus acquisition – for which I want to offer updates.


In recent weeks, incomplete and incorrect information has circulated about the future of the lakefront parking areas that UWM leases from the Milwaukee County Park System. To set the record straight, UWM administrators organized a meeting earlier today with Sue Black, Milwaukee County Parks Director. Also attending the meeting were UWM Student Association President Travis Romero-Boeck, Vice President Angela Lang and Chief of Staff Anthony DeWees, and three staff members of the UWM Post student newspaper.

At the meeting, Director Black reiterated that the park system was not interested in extending the 2010-2011 lakefront parking lease with UWM, especially now that UWM has designated an alternative to the lakefront parking (the Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital campus acquisition and its parking structure). Director Black turned down an offer from the Student Association to pay for a one-year extension with segregated fees, saying the situation is not about money but about returning these lakefront areas to park and public purposes.

Here is what these developments mean:

  • First, the UPARK lakefront parking at Veterans Park and McKinley Marina will continue to be open throughout the spring 2011 semester.

  • Second, UWM will continue to offer several transportation options for students that will not require paying a daily fee. Using the free UPASS, which can be used on all Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) routes seven days a week, students will continue to have access to the UBUS/Park & Ride and local routes that directly serve campus. Also available is the Capitol-Humboldt UPARK lot, which operates at 80% capacity on the typical school day.

  • Third, the Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital parking structure will be opened for UWM student use starting on Jan. 24, 2011, at the cost of $4 a day. Also on Jan. 24, the surface lots on the hospital campus will be made available for faculty and staff parking (using an in-car meter or a regular permit), and public meter parking.

  • Finally, UWM and SA administrators agreed to continue discussions on additional parking alternatives for the Fall 2011 semester and beyond.


Also today, the Board of Regents unanimously supported our proposal to locate the UWM School of Public Health at 1240 N. 10th St., the site of the former Pabst Brewery in downtown Milwaukee. (Our approved request is on pages 139 to 143 of the agenda for today’s Regent meeting.)

We will use a $10 million gift from the late Joseph J. Zilber to help finance the project and will have the option to buy the facility. The project will include the remodeling of about 33,000 square feet and construction of about 25,000 square feet for uses by our school and its partners.


We now have a closing date for the Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital campus acquisition: Dec. 29, 2010. As I mentioned earlier, acquiring the property allows UWM to use the campus’s parking structure during the spring semester. Early during the semester, we plan to hold an open house of the property. To stay abreast of the specifics of property development, be sure to visit the Columbia St. Mary’s Coordinating Committee website.

In closing, I want to wish everyone the best for the last days of the fall semester. We all know this is the season of final exams and term papers. On top of that, the holidays are upon us and that can bring on additional stress. May you all be able to organize your time, manage your projects and achieve successful results.


Michael R. Lovell
Interim Chancellor