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Michael R. Lovell

Compensation update

November 16, 2012

Dear UWM Campus Community,

Addressing faculty and staff salary inequity and salary compression are among the most pressing challenges at our university. In my Fall Plenary Address, I announced university leadership's intention to begin to deal with these challenges. Today I want to share with you more information about our work to adjust the salaries of meritorious faculty and staff who are most out of line with peer comparisons or whom we are in danger of losing.

At my direction, Provost Johannes Britz and Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen have developed a plan to begin to address this issue through the creation of the Campus Compensation Fund.

Here are very important details about the Campus Compensation Fund:

  • It is not a pay plan. The Campus Compensation Fund is intended to be used to offset some of our campus's most glaring compensation inequities.
  • The fund will be administered by the provost, deans and vice chancellors.
  • The Campus Compensation Fund is financed by money generated through campus savings and is a very small fraction of the overall campus budget. The fund will not increase tuition for our students.
  • Because this year's fund can only address a small portion of the salary-retention, market and equity issues on campus, I am committed to considering whether additional funds can be made available each year until significant progress can be made toward these issues.  In addition, individual units are encouraged to continue to look for creative ways to use their own budget savings to provide additional adjustments not funded by the Campus Compensation Fund. I congratulate the schools and colleges that have already funded adjustments within their units.

The fund is explained in detail in a memo posted on the Provost's website. It has previously been shared with the academic deans. The document describes the criteria and process for distributing the funds.

I am very grateful to all university employees. You continue to provide extremely dedicated service to our campus during difficult economic times.


Michael R. Lovell

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