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Michael R. Lovell

New UWM Spotlight on Excellence shines on student volunteers

February 28, 2012

The second UWM Spotlight on Excellence video is now available. This time, the monthly feature that is available on our website takes a look at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students who volunteer their time to our community through our Center for Volunteerism and Student Leadership.

Student volunteerism is one of the very significant untold stories of our university. In this video, we get insights into the thousands of UWM students who are helping out at places such as Hope House and with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee. As pointed out in the video, we have thousands of students having an impact on thousands of lives.

This video is an excellent follow-up to the one from last month that featured Professor Anne Basting and her creative work with individuals suffering from dementia and memory loss.

I ask you to take a few minutes to watch this new video and then think about whom else would be appropriate for us to feature in the future. We are looking for subjects and will consider faculty, students, staff, alumni or, like this month, a number of individuals working toward a common objective. Please use the feedback form on my website to submit your ideas.

My thanks to everyone who is volunteering or supporting student volunteers at UWM.


Michael R. Lovell

P.S. My thanks to Mary Rinzel, Integrated Media Specialist from our University Communications & Media Relations, for shooting and editing this video.