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Michael R. Lovell

New Spotlight on Excellence focuses on Custodial Services

March 30, 2012

This spring’s extraordinary weather (remember those 80-degree temperatures in March?) prompted early blooms and many phone calls to UWM Distinguished Professor of Geography Mark D. Schwartz, including interview requests from the New York Times and National Public Radio affliate WUWM.

Professor Schwartz is one of the country’s most-respected phenologists. If that word isn’t familiar, don’t worry. He says most people—including himself, years ago—don’t know a phenologist studies recurring plant and animal life cycle stages. In our latest UWM Spotlight on Excellence video, Professor Schwartz explains his work from his local lab – his backyard.

I very much appreciate the suggestions that I've received for additional Spotlight on Excellence subjects, and I've forwarded them to our creative team in the office of University Communications & Media Relations. After watching this latest video, please use the feedback form on my website to submit ideas you may have about future spotlights.

And thank you to Cedric and all the men and women in Custodial Services who make our campus the best place to learn and work.


Michael R. Lovell