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Michael R. Lovell

UWM Reorganization Announcement
November 22, 2011

Working with campus leadership, I have been following through on accomplishing an objective I discussed in my fall Plenary address: reorganizing campus operational divisions. I would like to share with you the results of those reorganization discussions.

The changes being brought about by the reorganization are consistent with the new UWM Vision Statement that calls on us to create a top-tier research university that is the best place to learn and work. Earlier this year, the first phase of realigning campus units began with the transfer of the Department of Human Resources to the Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs. The additional reorganization moves listed below are being done strategically to serve the university as a whole. The changes are logical, better align units and will lead to greater efficiency.

Aligning student recruitment and support services

The Department of Enrollment Services (including Admission and Registration), Department of Recruitment and Outreach, Department of Financial Aid and First Year Center will be moved to the Division of Student Affairs from the Division of Academic Affairs.

These steps will improve customer service, will more closely mirror best-practice models we have reviewed, are logical and will better align groups within the division.

Serving additional international and high-achieving students

Two units will be moved from the College of Letters and Science and placed under the direct supervision of the Office of the Provost: the Center for International Education and the Honors College.

The new reporting structure for the Center for International Education comes at a time when UWM is enhancing the global nature of our campus. For the Honors College, the transition is intended to streamline access to students from all schools and colleges. The Office of the Provost is well-positioned to orchestrate these campus-wide developments.

Consolidating campus and community climate and diversity initiatives

The Division of Partnerships and Innovation will be renamed the Division of Global Inclusion and Engagement, and will work closely with the Office of the Provost on internationalization. The Vice Chancellor will take on the added responsibility of being the university's Chief Diversity Officer. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Climate, Office of Equity and Diversity Services, Manager for Diversity and Climate, and the McNair/AOP Program will be moved to the Division of Global Inclusion and Engagement from the Division of Academic Affairs. These actions will better coordinate the university's diversity and climate units, and provide a strategic and integrated approach to improve outcomes for access, inclusion, and public engagement.

Repositioning information technology services

The Department of University Information Technology Services (UITS) will be structured in the following manner:

  • The Chief Information Officer will now report to the Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administrative Affairs.  Most of the units within the department will remain under the CIO’s direction in the Division of Finance & Administrative Affairs, with the following exceptions:
  • The Division of Academic Affairs will retain oversight of the Research Cyberinfrastructure and the Learning Technology Center units.
  • The Division of University Relations & Communications will oversee the following Creative Services functions: Visual Design, all Web & Mobile Services, Multimedia Technologies, and Print & Copy Services.

Moving administrative UITS functions to the Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs should further improve customer service and support to campus.

Keeping the academic UITS functions within the Academic Affairs Division will strengthen the ability of the university to provide academic and research support in the information technology area.

In addition we believe that moving marketing-related UITS functions to the Division of University Relations will provide for better integration and coordination of marketing and communication design, messaging and production. This, in turn, will strengthen the institutional brand identity and university image.


Additional reorganization actions are possible. One especially significant issue under consideration is whether to separate the currently combined position of Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. Discussions on this matter and others will continue.

It is understood that the major realignments described in this message cannot be accomplished overnight. We are developing an implementation plan for each of the affected units with the objective of completing the transition by the end of the current fiscal year.

I want to emphasize that these organizational changes are being made to improve the overall efficiency of campus operations. Moving forward, all of the divisions will work cooperatively to support our shared vision and mission.

I appreciate your continuing support of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and I look forward to your support to implement these plans and create the best place to learn and work for our faculty, staff and students.


Michael R. Lovell