University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Angela McManaman

District 1 Contacts Main Number: (414) 935-7213 Captain Patrick Mitchell: (414) 935-7210 Community Liasion Officer Mark Buetow: (414) 935-7701 Nonemergency number: (414) 933-4444

District 5 Contacts Main Number: (414) 935-7252 Captain Edith Hudson: (414) 935-7250 Community Liasion Officer: (414) 935-7258 Nonemergency number: (414) 933-4444

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Sep 6, 2009 
MPD casts a comprehensive eye on UWM, East Side
Photo by Alan Magayne-Roshak
Marzion and Mitchell Interim UWM Police Department Chief Michael Marzion (in car) and Milwaukee Police Department Distict 1 Captain Patrick Mitchell.

Interim UWM Police Department Chief Michael Marzion says it’s still early in UWM’s transition from Milwaukee Police Department District 5 to its new home in District 1, but early indications are that UWM and District 1 are a good fit.

“I think that a District 1 expansion to include UWM is a natural fit,” Marzion says.“In the past we had resources stretched across two sides of the Milwaukee River, which made it difficult to maintain a more proactive police presence near campus. I’m seeing more of a regular patrol presence around campus since the move to District 1 was finalized.”

It’s been just two months since the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) completed a major redistricting effort that shuffled South Side and East Side police districts. District 1 comprises 5.1 square miles that include UWM, the Upper and Lower East Side, North Avenue and Water Street nightlife districts, Downtown and the lakefront.

The RiverView Residence Hall remains in District 5, which will continue to serve the law enforcement needs of UWM students, faculty and staff living in Milwaukee’s Riverwest community.

District 1 offices are located Downtown in the Police Administration Building on West State Street. Patrick S. Mitchell, former District 7 captain and commander of the city’s Neighborhood Safety Initiative (focusing on high-crime Milwaukee neighborhoods) is captain of District 1.

Mitchell says the redrawn District 1 combines East Side neighborhoods with similar law enforcement needs into one police district – achieving a consistent response to crime issues and “eliminating the need for two districts to work together on one crime issue that crosses district boundaries.”

For Mitchell and Marzion, the reassignment is a reunion of sorts: The two worked together for several years in the MPD.

Their working relationship and a strong history of recent collaborations between the MPD and campus police made UWM’s transition from District 5 to District 1 a seamless one, Marzion says.

An overtime initiative keeps additional MPD officers patrolling campus neighborhoods during “high volume” party weekends. Officers from the two departments have been meeting regularly since the late summer, and also continue their outreach with East Side neighborhood associations. District 1 Community Liaison Officer Mark Buetow meets with District 1 residents every third Tuesday at Libiamo’s Restaurant (221 W. Galena).

“District 1 personnel will continue to work closely with campus police in a similar fashion as District 5 officers did,” promises Mitchell. “Priorities for the new district are similar to long-established priorities for the campus area: to ensure that crime issues are rapidly identified and responded to, and to solve problems with this area’s long-term outlook in mind.”