Nursing students help "shoo the flu"

Nursing students are getting the chance to gain real-world experience this fall at UWM when VCLalibertethey participate in the seasonal flu vaccine clinics. The clinics have been administered through Norris Health Center. The College of Nursing has partnered with them for the past five years. Nursing students in the clinical portion of the curriculum have the opportunity to dispense the flu vaccination to a variety of UWM students, staff and community members.

Nursing instructor, Rose Fjeld says, "This is an excellent experience, not only for the seniors to be mentors to the juniors, but for the juniors who are looking to gain confidence administering vaccinations. This is the first time they really get to feel like a nurse- interacting and working one on one with real patients." (Shown right: Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Michael Laliberte, gets ready for his shot)

Chancellor3Katie Lange, a senior who is one of the student charge nurses for the clinics enjoys mentoring the juniors, making them feel more comfortable. "Collaborating with the students and faculty in order to make it successful is very fulfilling."

Kassandra Wolf, a junior nursing student, (shown giving Chancellor Lovell his flu shot) has her clinical at the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee. "I love my clinical experience so far, but we don't get a lot of chances to do vaccinations. Our instructor has been great at finding us these types of clinics to volunteer at so we can get the important hands-on experience with every day people. Being out in the community, interacting with people, it makes me feel like I've chosen the right career path." 

Some of the College of Nursing class of 2010 decided to use their class gift money towards keeping their fellow students and friends healthy. The money they donated provided a "buy one, get one free" option to 20 nursing students.

As of October 12, 448 people have received a flu shot from a College of Nursing student.

IMG_0080The last flu clinic for the season will be November 9 in the Union Fireside Lounge. Students can also call Norris Health Center to schedule an appointment to receive a flu shot. For more information go to