Nursing students selected to participate in National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Two College of Nursing students were asked to participate in the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Ogden, Utah this March.


This was Rebecca Robinson's second year attending. She says "the experience of attending an undergraduate research conference is inspiring, it really gives me more meaning and motivation for the things that I am doing currently in research, and striving to achieve as I develop more as an undergraduate researcher. It is a very rewarding experience presenting the research at a national conference where thousands of other undergraduate researchers, professors, and community members are present and eager to learn more about what you are invested in. It was a great opportunity for me to converse with other nursing students and learn more about new findings and methods in nursing, and how to provide best practices for future patients. I presented a poster presentation, "What Women in the USVI Want and Need to Know about HPV, Cervical Cancer and Condom Use."

HiglightsNdakuyaFlorine Ndakuya's presentation was "Breast Cancer Awareness, Screening and Empowerment in the African Immigrant Population in Southeastern Wisconsin."

"It was such an honor to be selected to present at this conference becasue it had over 2000 presenters who were all brilliant.

It was so empowering because it gave me an opportunity to realize that what I am participating in is really important and allowed me to meet other researchers that were just like me, but in different schools."

2012 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Utah