Elevate your career and expand your knowledge base with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the UWM College of Nursing.

The highest possible degree in advanced practice, the DNP, instills in graduates the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to strengthen healthcare delivery, patient outcomes and system management. DNP graduates are skilled practitioners who use their grounding in the discipline of nursing and evidence-based practice to conduct inquiry to further clinical, policy, education, and healthcare delivery needs in a variety of settings.

This 64-credit program is the highest achievement in clinical nursing practice. Four highly specialized tracks offer students their choice of intensive, focused degree options that prepare graduates for employment in competitive clinical and nonclinical nursing careers.


  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
    • Adult/Gerontology
    • Maternal/Child
    • Pediatrics
  • Nursing Systems Leadership
    • Nurse Executive
    • Informatics
  • Community Nursing-Public Health

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