Intensive, comprehensive, innovative and nationally ranked – all describe the DNP/MBA program jointly offered by the College of Nursing and Lubar School of Business at UWM. The university's location in the healthcare, corporate, and financial capital of Wisconsin provides DNP/MBA students access to faculty and mentors who lead in their professions and their healthcare system.

This unique program is designed for current and emerging nurse leaders and administrators. The cohort is small, the curriculum diverse and demanding. The graduates already are personalizing and improving the clinical care experience for patients, and transforming healthcare delivery in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Discover more about the program opportunity and find a full course plan in our Forms & Material section.

How to Apply

Application Deadlines:

January 1 for Fall start
September 1 for Spring start


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing from a professionally accredited program with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 (4.00 scale) to be considered for admission.

Business Foundation courses should be completed either prior to the start of admission or during completion of the degree program. (BUS ADM 700, 2 credits, BUS ADM 701, 2 credits, and BUS ADM 703, 3 credits).

Applicants must have completed (within 5 years), or be in the process of completing an undergraduate statistics course with a grade of B or better prior to the start of the program. See listing of approved courses.   If not completed by the application deadline, the statistics course must be taken concurrently with the first semester of the program.

Application Process

To be considered for admission, all nursing applicants must apply through the Graduate School and submit listed materials for the College of Nursing.


Complete online Graduate School Application  (including a nonrefundable application fee). Submit official transcripts from all and any school attended directly to the Graduate School.


Submit online through NursingCAS: Complete College of Nursing application using the online NursingCAS system by AACN. A completed application must include the required materials listed below. Forms such as the checklist and recommendation form can be accessed online, through NursingCAS.

Required materials for the College of Nursing

  • DNP/MBA Application Checklist
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation Form: Submit three recommendation forms from people knowledgeable about your academic experience and potential for graduate study in nursing.
  • Personal Statement 3-4 pages, double spaced, addressing the following 5 components:
    • Overview of professional experiences
    • Short and long term professional goals
    • Nursing practice interests
    • Motivation for pursuing a doctoral degree
    • Educational objectives you hope to pursue if admitted
  • 2 Original Works: Select and submit 2 original works that reflect your scholarship and writing ability. Examples of original works could be: Evidenced based projects, clinical guidelines, examples of QI/QA projects in which you had a primary role and published articles reflecting aspects of research.
    If you do not have 2 examples of scholarly work, you may substitute 1 or 2 written papers in lieu of  1 or both original works. The papers must be 5-7 pages in length using APA format. Choose from the following paper topics: 
    • Select a current, controversial issue facing health care today and discuss the issue.Provide a description of the issue, the controversy and its impact on health care providers.
    • Funding primary prevention has been cited as a potential cost containment measure towards controlling skyrocketing health care costs.Define primary prevention and provide examples of how this might be true.
    • Advance practice nurses (APNs) fill a unique niche in health care delivery. Discuss the role of APNs and their impact on health care outcomes.
  • Submit Graduate Record Exam/GRE results:  Current GRE scores are required for applicants with an undergraduate degree below a 3.20 on a 4.0 scale, as calculated by the UW-Milwaukee Graduate School. Exceptions will be made for applicants with a Master’s Degree in Nursing who obtained a 3.20 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher GPA as calculated by UW-Milwaukee’s Graduate School. Visit the GRE website for more information about preparation and registration:
  • Nursing License: Submit evidence of your current RN license from the United States (must include license number)
  • English Proficiency –The language of instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is English.All international applicants must provide scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with some exceptions. Minimum test scores and exceptions are located on the Center for International Education/CIE website. Email questions to:

For application questions and inquiries please contact Jennifer Daood, Student Affairs Graduate Advisor

College of Nursing
Cunningham Hall 135

PO Box 413
Milwaukee, WI  53201