Nurses for Wisconsin

UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing educates nurse scientists, practitioners and educators prepared to contribute at the cutting edge of the discipline. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows work collaboratively with community partners and faculty focused on the discovery of knowledge in areas including geriatric health, global health, health information/technology, community-based participatory research and self-management science.

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Faculty Loan Forgiveness
PhD and DNP fellows will partner with a scientist or clinical expert, audit nursing education courses and teach. The postdoctoral nursing fellows will receive a one to two year fellowship, with benefits as part of a three-year teaching commitment at a UW System nursing school.
PhD and DNP prepared faculty hires may receive awards which repay up to $50,000 of the new hire's student loans in exchange for a three-year teaching commitment at a UW System nursing school.  Terms negotiated with the Dean of nursing at the time of hire.  
Note: Both of the above fellowships have allocated all dollars and are no longer accepting applications.  

Discover more about the application process and guidelines in our Forms & Material section.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Contact

Rachel Schiffman, PhD, RN, FAAN