New Student Orientation

Once you are accepted as a new freshman at UWM, you are not left on your own to register for your first semester of classes. 

Orientation Program

You will be invited to an Orientation program after you have taken your placement tests, paid the New Freshman Fee and have submitted a University Housing Contract (and deposit) or Housing Exemption Form. When you attend a Orientation program you will meet with other Nursing students to:

  • learn about UWM and the College of Nursing
  • select your courses and register for classes (our interactive computer registration system allows you to register for your first semester classes at your Orientation program and leave with a confirmation of your class schedule)
  • learn about the CON's Academic Enrichment Center

Your Advisor

I would like to personally welcome you to the College of Nursing and congratulate you on your acceptance to UWM. As your academic advisor, my goal is to efficiently guide you through your chosen plan of study.

Your first contact with me will be at Orientation. Thereafter, we will meet at least twice in a year to reevaluate your academic plan. Feel free to contact me anytime, as I can refer you to other resources and services available on campus.

My contact information is listed below should you have questions before your Orientation date.

Deatra Holloway