CUP Grant- Having Our Say: Healthier Homes and Babies
CON Faculty: Betty Koepsel
This UWM College of Nursing (including nursing students)/African American Breastfeeding Network of Milwaukee collaborative project focuses on breastfeeding and environmental health education in the African American population within the 53218 zip code. The long term goal is to contribute to the elimination of health disparities in the community. 53218 is one of the zip codes in the lower socioeconomic status (SES) within the 29 Milwaukee zip codes. These zip codes in the lower SES-level, with poor health determinants and outcomes (infant mortality standing out) are in the greatest need of resources to provide residents with the opportunity to make healthy decisions and live healthy lives. This project, as a benefit to the 53218 community, will promote a cultural shift that will support breastfeeding within the African American community, along with emphasizing home environmental health. A series of classes supports behavior change specific to improving the health of infants and families.

The Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment

CON Faculty: Anne Dressel
The Level 1 CARE project is a two year effort to assess the environmental health needs of the Westlawn community. Following the idenfication of environmental health objectives, the Institute for Urban Health Partnerships will apply for a Level 2 grant through the Environmental Protection Agency.