Graduate Student Advising

Academic Advising is available to all graduate students through the Student Affairs office. The academic advisors and other staff coordinate to provide services such as: admission advising and orientation, program counseling, course selection assistance, registration support, and graduation processing. Our advisors are trained to provide the curricular information and assistance needed for graduate students to make decisions regarding their education.

Advising by Appointment

Prior to calling for your appointment, please fax or send us your transcripts. After we receive your transcripts, appointments can be made by calling the Student Affairs Office at 414-229-5047.

Since many of our students work while attending school, our staff is aware that traditional office appointments are not always possible. Therefore, students have the option of being advised by office appointments, phone appointments, or via email. Some topics, however, are best suited to office advising.

Graduate Student Contacts

Dr. Ann Cook works with the students in the MN programs.

Jennifer Daood, Senior Advisor, advises the DNP and PhD students and Certificate students.

Dr. Kim Litwack oversees the students in the DNP programs.

Dr. Karen Morin is the College of Nursing PhD Program Director and oversees all aspects of the PhD programs.

Donna Wier, Senior Advisor, advises students as they enter the BS in Nursing to Master of Nursing and the Direct Entry Master Program.