Preparation and Pre-requisites
You can begin your preparation for doctoral studies at the time you decide to return for your degree.

Complete your application
Begin the process of preparing your application to the university and reviewing the Guide to BS-PhD Application. You will apply to the university and prepare a file of materials for faculty review in the College of Nursing.

Take the GRE
Sign up today to take your Graduate Requirement Examination (GRE). Go online to to set a date for your test.

Register for a Graduate Stats course
You will need to take a graduate level statistics course or submit completed within the last five years, with a grade of C or better. The approved course on UW-Milwaukee's campus is Ed Psych 724 along with the 1 credit Ed Psych 626. If you find a course from another campus that you would like evaluated to meet this requirement, please secure a syllabus or course description and contact our College of Nursing Graduate Advisor for approval.

Contact our Faculty
Many people choose a doctoral program with knowledge of their area of research. Contact our Graduate Programs Director and other College of Nursing faculty to talk about your research interests.