The curriculum is designed to further develop critical thinking, communication and advanced clinical decision-making skills in the context of relationship-based care. Students work within a diverse, urban community.

FNP students complete the core courses as full or part time students prior to beginning the FNP practicum sequence. The practicum sequence begins each summer and consists of three consecutive semesters. During this sequence, students are in a practicum setting approximately 12-15 hours per week in addition to attending FNP Theory one evening per week and working on as research and clinical project/thesis.

Core Courses: 24 credits
NURS 707 Advanced Pharmacology
NURS 725 Nursing Research and Knowledge Generation
NURS 727 Epidemiology
NURS 729 Health Care Systems and Adv. Nursing Practice
NURS 735 Theoretical Foundations of Adv. Nursing Practice
NURS 753 Physiological Basis of Adv. Nursing Practice
NURS 754 Comprehensive Assessment of Health (includes lab)
NURS 784 Advanced Nursing Practice Interventions

Clinical Courses: 22 creditsFNP Practicum 1, 2, 3 12 credits
FNP Theory 1, 2, 3 9 credits
Research and Clinical Project/Thesis 1 credit

MS Course Descriptions and Schedule (doc)
Sample Plan of Study - Full time student (doc)
Sample Plan of Study - Part time student  (doc)