The Nursing Centers Research Network (NCRN) is a collaborative partnership among Nurse Managed Health Centers (NMHC) for the purpose of promoting practice-based research within and among national and international NMHC.

The NCRN was launched as the Midwest Nursing Center Consortium (MNCC) in 2001 and was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in 2002. The NCRN name was made at an annual meeting of the former MNCC membership to better reflect the geographical distribution of our membership which expanded from the Midwest to national, with the potential to go international. The NCRN is established as a PBRN with AHRQ and is a member of the Federation of Practice-Based Research Networks (FPBRN).

To promote practice-based research within and among national and international nurse managed health centers (NMHCs).

Work together for healthy communities through nursing center models of care. 

The purposes of the NCRN are to: 

1) Generate practice-based clinical research using a variety of models (multi-state and multi-university)

2) Generate health systems research

3) Foster quality improvement

4) Support individual researchers committed to translational research and link them with mentors

5) Support data base development

6) Seek out and facilitate the involvement of all centers potentially affected by research conducted within the network

7) Involve member centers in defining how they will participate in research conducted within the network 

8) Expand the research skills of researchers and practitioners in member centers

9) Partner with NNCC to use data to influence policy that advances nursing practice and meets societal health needs

10) Evaluate products and services related to research and practice

11) Disseminate findings from research conducted within the network to inform practice, future research, and policy development

12) Expand the research skills of researchers and practitioners in member centers.

The NCRN ascribes to the World Health Organization model of primary health care and believes that:

1) access to health care for all is essential for healthy communities.

2) nursing has significant positive impact on the health status of individuals, families and communities.

3) nursing centers represent vital models for primary health care delivery.

4) partnership with individuals, families, and communities are fundamental to nursing center models of care.

5) interdisciplinary, inter-organizational, and collaborative strategies are vital for optimal health outcomes.

6) nursing centers support the development of the profession through practice, education and research.