Westlawn world's highest-rated LEED neighborhood

UW-Milwaukee proudly celebrates Westlawn Gardens for
achieving Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Stage 3 Silver
Certification, placing it at the top of an elite group of LEED
certified developments that emphasize sustainability. As the
world’s first LEED-ND Stage 3 Silver-certified project, it is the
highest-rated neighborhood under current LEED standards
UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing is a proud partner with
The Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment
which was formed in 2008 with support the College’s funding
award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency CARE
(Community Action for a Renewed Environment) program.
The project is located in the Westlawn neighborhood, which
is home to Wisconsin’s largest publicly-subsidized housing
development. Located in northwest Milwaukee, 98% of
Westlawn’s residents are African-American, and more than half
of Westlawn residents are unemployed.

Westlawn Gardens features:
• 30,000 square foot community garden
• Sustainable food production program
• Extensive 33-acre storm water management system
• Geothermal heated and cooled apartments
• High walkability
• Park space, playing fields and green pocket parks
• Milwaukee’s first LED streetlit neighborhood
• “Healthy Homes” designed specifically for persons with
respiratory illnesses

Isis Judith Lozano
Isis Judith Lozano
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