Beth Peterman, APNP-BC, MSN, RN

Beth Peterman, APNP-BC, MSN, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor/Nursing Center Director

Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s College of Nursing in 2000, Ms. Peterman was a graduate student in the Nurse Practitioner tract of the MSN program at UWM. She began her professional career in nursing as a Public Health Nurse for the City of Milwaukee, then worked as an Emergency Department and Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse until she completed her first Master’s Degree in Business. At that point she worked in the hospital information system area and went on to become a clinical consultant for an employee benefits company and one of the largest public accounting firms in the U.S. In her work she became familiar with private and public providers and payers. After completing her Master’s in Nursing, she helped establish a clinic in the central City of Milwaukee, within a conjoined elementary school and Boys and Girls Club.

She is currently the Nursing Center Director for the UWM House of Peace Community Nursing Center. Her nursing center work is heavily focused on health education, promotion and clinical intervention in vulnerable populations as it relates to breast, cervical, skin and colon cancers.

Intellectual Contributions

P Y Tsai,  Beth Peterman,  Mary Jo Baisch,  E S Ji,  K Zwiers,  (2014) Providing and funding breast health services in urban nurse-managed centers, Nursing Outlook, 62(3), 204-211