Doris Schoneman, PhD, RN

Doris Schoneman, PhD, RN

Clinical Associate Professor Emerita


Ph D Nursing, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
MS Community Health Nursing, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
BSN Nursing, University of Iowa

Awards & Honors

Excellence in Nursing Education Award
Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Nu Chapter

Excellence in Nursing Education Award
Milwaukee District Nursing

Wisconsin Nurses Association Recognition Award
Wisconsin Nurses Association

Contracts & Grants

Adding Years to Life II: Wauwatosa Senior Transportation Assessment
Awarding/Sponsoring Organization: Wauwatosa Health Department
Investigator: Doris Schoneman

Intellectual Contributions

  1. Doris Schoneman, (2008) Adding years to life II: Wauwatosa senior transportation assessment.,
  2. Doris Schoneman, (2002) Surveillance across classification systems., The International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications, 13 137-147
  3. Doris Schoneman, (2002) Surveillance as a nursing intervention: Use in community nursing centers, Journal of Community Health Nursing, 19 33-47
  4. Amy M Coenen,  Doris Schoneman,  (1995) The Nursing Minimum Data Set: Use in the quality process, Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 10(1), 9-15


  1. Community/Public Health Nursing Curricular Content Mapping in Southeastern Wisconsin: The Results.
    Event: 4th Annual LEAP Faculty Development Conference
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
  2. Teaching Strategies for a Population Focused Curriculum.
    Event: 4th Annual LEAP Faculty Development Conference
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
  3. Academic Panel Discussion, Commitment 2 Community: Refresh & renew academic-practice partnerships,
    Event: Southeastern Wisconsin Academic and Practice Collaborative
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
  4. Application of an On-Line Preconception Survey to Support Students Learning of Social Marketing Techniques
    Event: The Association of Community Health Nurse Educators
    Presenters: Mary Jo Baisch,  Doris Schoneman
  5. Academic – Parish Nurse Partnerships.
    Event: ACHNE Annual Conference
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
    May 2009
  6. Public Health Careers.
    Event: Marquette University Pre-professional’s Program
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
    March 2007
  7. Health Literacy and Communication.
    Event: Southeastern Wisconsin Public Health Academic/Practice Learning Collaborative
    Presenter: Doris Schoneman
    October 2006