Faye Spoor

Faye Spoor

Administrative Program Specialist

Employed by the UWM College of Nursing since April of 2000, Ms. Spoor has actually worked on campus since 1986.

Her current area of responsibilities include Human Resource matters such as recruitment, payroll, leave accounting and travel related issues. She also works with post award grant management and spending.

Ms. Spoor currently serves as the Building Chair for Cunningham Hall. She is a member of the College of Nursing Climate Committee and serves as Marshall for the Honors Program as well as Fall and Spring graduations for the campus.

She recently organized “Caps for the Capital”- over 85 knit caps were donated for babies. Half of them were sent to “Caps for the Capital” and half were given to a local hospital. Caps were knitted or crocheted by College of Nursing staff and their friends and families. This will be a continuing project for local hospitals as well as various agencies abroad.