Jeanne Hewitt, PhD, RN

Jeanne Hewitt, PhD, RN

Associate Professor
(414) 229-7099
Northwest Quadrant B 1541

Dr. Jeanne Hewitt has expertise in environmental and occupational epidemiology, women’s health in the workplace, occupational health nursing, and chronic disease- primary prevention and screening.


Ph D Nursing Science; Environmental Epidemiology, University of Illinois at Chicago
MS Community Health Nursing, University of WI-Milwaukee
BS Nursing, University of WI-Milwaukee
Other Nursing, Milwaukee Area Technical College

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Intellectual Contributions

  1. O. M. Al-Rawajfah,  S. Aloush,  Jeanne Hewitt,  (2015) Use of electronic health-related datasets in nursing and health-related research, Western Journal of Nursing Research, 37 952-983
  2. S K Riesch,  E M Ngui,  C Ehlert,  M K Miller,  C A Cronk,  S Leuthner,  M Strehlow,  Jeanne Hewitt,  M S Durkin,  (2013) Community outreach and engagement strategies from the Wisconsin Study Center of the National Children's Study., Public Health Nursing, 30(3), 254-265
  3. O M Al-Rawajfah,  J Cheema,  Jeanne Hewitt,  I M Hweidi,  E Musallam,  (2013) Laboratory-confirmed, health-associated bloodstream infections in Jordan: A matched cost and length of stay study, American Journal of Infection Control, 41(7), 607-611
  4. L Trasande,  C Cronk,  M Durkin,  M Weiss,  DA Schoeller,  EA Gall,  Jeanne Hewitt,  AL Carrel,  PJ Landrigan,  MW Gillman,  (2009) Enviroment and Obesity in the National Children's Study, Environ Health Perspectives, 117(2), 159-166
  5. Julia A Snethen,  Jeanne Hewitt,  DH Petering,  (2007) Addressing childhood overweight: Strategies learned from one Latino Community, Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 18(4), 366-372
  6. Julia A Snethen,  Jeanne Hewitt,  M Goretzke,  (2007) Childhood Overweight: The Infancy Connection, JOGNN, 36(5), 501-510
  7. Jeanne Hewitt, (2007) Crypotsporidiosis, FR Lashley and J D Durham (Eds) Emerging Infectous Disease: Trends and Issues
  8. Aaron G Buseh,  S. T. Kelber,  Jeanne Hewitt,  P. E. Stevens,  C. G. Park,  (2006) Perceived stigma, self-rated health, and life satisfaction: Experiences of urban African American men living with HIV/AIDS., International Journal of Men's Health, 5(1), 35-51


  1. Nosocomial bloodstream infections: The associated length of stay and costs
    Event: Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2009
    Presenter: Jeanne Hewitt
  2. Incidence and risk factors for nosocomial bloodstream infections in the United States, 2003
    Event: Jordan University of Science and Technology
    Presenters: O M AL-Rawajfah,  F C Stetzer,  Jeanne Hewitt
    June 2009
  3. FLOW: The Global Water Crisis
    Event: Wisconsin Public Helath Association
    Presenter: Jeanne Hewitt
    April 2009
  4. National Children's Study: Waukesha Vanguard Center
    Event: UWM "On Public Health" Series
    Presenter: Jeanne Hewitt
    February 2009
  5. Public health nursing practice: Finding evidence to apply to enviromental health issues
    Event: American Public Health Association 136th Annual Meeting
    Presenters: Jeanne Hewitt,  D L Pasha,  D N Weber,  M E Boulanger,  A S Backus,  D H Petering
    October 2008
  6. Latino children/parent dyads report of dietary intake and physical activity
    Event: Midwest Nursing Research Society
    Presenters: Julia A Snethen,  Jeanne Hewitt,  A. C. Snyder,  D. H. Petering,  M. R. Reyes,  L. Rodriquez-Burnett
    March 2007

(414) 229-7099
Northwest Quadrant B 1541

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