Jennifer Kibicho, PhD, CPA(K)

Assistant Professor
Cunningham Hall 603

Dr. Kibicho, a health economist, joined the UWM College of Nursing faculty as an Assistant Professor in August 2013. Prior to joining UWM, Dr. Kibicho was an Assistant Professor at the Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR), the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Kibicho received a Ph.D. in Economics from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in HIV Prevention at CAIR in 2010. Dr. Kibicho’s research interests include the economic analyses of health care costs, prescription drug cost drivers, cost containment policies, and the cost of providing care to persons living with HIV/AIDS; pharmacy-mediated medication adherence interventions in diverse real-world pharmacy settings; and global health, including evaluations of structural-level interventions that address poverty, gender-based violence, and other structural factors that place individuals at elevated risk for HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa.

Cunningham Hall 603

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