Laura Joosse, PhD

Laura Joosse, PhD

Assistant Professor
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Cunningham Hall 671

Dr. Joosse research focuses on improving the lives of those suffering from cognitive impairment as the result of chronic and acute confusion (Dementia/Delirium) by furthering our understanding of the impact it has on quality of life and care. Her dissertation study focused on the impact of the environmental influences of sound on those suffering from dementia while living in nursing homes. Prior to joining the faculty, she has provided project management and research support for a variety of externally funded projects, including work in information technology, clinical decision support, and interventional studies.


Ph D Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Current Research

  1. Ambient Intervention for Mealtime (AIM) Development and Feasbility Study.
    The primary aim of this feasibility study is determine if sound levels and duration of exposure to sound during the meal experience can be reduced with the AIM intervention protocol. The conceptual definition of the meal experience means, the location and time a resident is exposed to preparing for the meal (pre), the process of eating the meal (mealtime), and clean up after the meal has been consumed (post).
    Collaborator: Joosse, Laura
  2. Application and use of the AIM sound abatement protocol
    Study Description: The purpose of this research study is to examine the ease of use and barriers to implementing sound reduction strategies in two nursing homes. Approximately thirty six caregivers will participate in this study.
    Collaborator: Joosse, Laura

Intellectual Contributions

  1. Laura Joosse,  K O'Regan,  Ambient intervention for mealtime (AIM) study,
  2. Laura Joosse,  Norma M Lang,  Chronic confusion in hospitalized older adult patients,
  3. Laura Joosse,  E. Hardy,  C. Buckman,  K. Mertz,  What does it take to reduce sound in nursing homes?,
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  6. Christine R Kovach,  Michelle Simpson,  Laura Joosse,  Brent R Logan,  Patrice E Noonan,  Sheila A Reynolds,  D L Woods,  H Raff,  (2012) Comparison of the effectiveness of two protocols for treating nursing home residents with advanced dementia., Research in Gerontological Nursing, 5(4), 251-263
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  12. D L Woods,  C R Kovach,  H Raff,  Laura Joosse,  A Basmadjian,  K M Hegadoren,  (2008) Using saliva to measure endogenous cortisol in nursing home residents with advanced dementia, Research in Nursing & Health, 31(3), 283-294


  1. Ambient Intervention for Mealtime (AIM) Sound Abatement Feasibility Study
    Event: Annual Scientific Meeting Gerontological Society of America
    Presenter: Laura Joosse
    November 2012
  2. Ambient Intervention for Mealtime (AIM) sound abatement feasibillity study
    Event: State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research
    Presenters: Laura Joosse,  K. O'Regan
    September 2012
  3. Interactive Workshop on Serial Trial Intervention and Sound Abatement Intervention to care for Elders with Advanced Dementia.
    Event: Bridges to Research and Practice
    Presenter: Laura Joosse
    May 10, 2012
  4. Effectiveness of Two Protocols for Treating Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia.
    Event: Gerontological Society of America (Annual conference)
    Presenters: Christine R Kovach,  Michelle Simpson,  Laura Joosse
    November 21, 2011
  5. Does Sound Impact Agitation in People with Dementia.
    Event: Gerontological Society of Americal (annual conference)
    Presenter: Laura Joosse
    November 19, 2011
  6. Environmental Influences of Sound and Space Related to Agitation in People with Dementia.
    Event: Bridges to Research and Practice
    Presenter: Laura Joosse
    May 9, 2011

(414) 229-6920
Cunningham Hall 671

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