Michelle Gehring, DHA, MSN, RN

Michelle Gehring, DHA, MSN, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor
(414) 229-3331

My teaching and research interests include mental health care, health care access for the urban homeless, street medicine, and health care interventions for HIV-positive populations. Prior to being a nurse, I worked as a member of the Mennonite Voluntary Services Organization — first in a homeless assistance agency in Skid Row of Los Angeles, then in an AIDS ministry in the heart of Manhattan, NY. During this time, I piloted a city-wide hospital visitation program among several inpatient AIDS units.

My classroom, online, and clinical teaching is augmented by ongoing partnerships with organizations such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Mental Health Education Coalition, and the Bread of Life Hospitality Center for the homeless and near-homeless. As a bona fide city dweller, the multidisciplinary opportunities available in the metro Milwaukee area remain an inspiration to teaching and living.


BS, Carroll University
BSN, UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing
MSN, University of Phoenix
, University of Phoenix

Current Research

Using Clinical Narratives to Understand Senior BSN Nursing Students’ Mental Health Literacy
The aim of this study was to explore undergraduate nursing students’ capacities and reflections on their mental health competency and their perceived preparedness as future nurses.
Collaborators: Thongpriwan, Vipavee; Gehring, Michelle

Intellectual Contributions

  1. Michelle Gehring, (2011) NAMI Greater Milwaukee “Pieces: In My Own Voice” Discussion Guide,
  2. Michelle Gehring, (2010) The Impact of Faith-based Practices on Adherence to Medication Regimens among HIV-positive Men,
  3. Michelle Gehring, (2005) AIDS and Multicultural Health Care: An Undergraduate Curriculum,
  4. Michelle Gehring, (1996) AIDS: A Christian Response,
  5. Michelle Gehring, (1995) Scarlet Ribbons: Coping with AIDS, Daughters of Sarah, (1), 34-36
  6. Michelle Gehring, (1992) The People Divided- Writing award, Carroll University,


  1. Workforce Data and Mental Health Redesign: Nursing’s Voice
    Event: Partners Investing in Nursing (PIN) Annual Conference
    Presenter: Michelle Gehring
  2. Leadership for Creating a Multidisciplinary Mental Health Simulation Education Program
    Event: Sigma Theta Tau 42nd Biennial Convention
    Presenter: Michelle Gehring
  3. The Voice of BSN Senior Nursing Students: Mental Health as the "Broccoli" of Nursing Coursework
    Event: APNA 26th Annual Conference
    Presenters: Michelle Gehring,  Vipavee Thongpriwan
  4. The Impact of Faith-based Interventions on Adherence to Medication Regimens among HIV-positive Men
    Event: Dissertation Defense- 2010
    Presenter: Michelle Gehring
  5. Study of a Visiting Nurses Association’s Compliance with Medication Education and Documentation
    Event: Student Nurses Association Annual Convention
    Presenter: Michelle Gehring

(414) 229-3331

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