Active Funded Research Projects

Investigators Project Title Funding Agency Project Period
Mary Jo Baisch Bearing the Burden: Identifying Attributes of Allostatic Load in African
American Women in an Electronic Health System
UWM Graduate School Research Committee Award

07/01/12 to 06/30/13

Loren Galvao, Patricia Stevens, Lance Weinhardt (UWM SPH, PI), & Winford Masanjala (U of Malawi) Pathways Linking Poverty, Food Insecuritiy, and HIV in Rural Malawi

04/03/08 to 03/31/13

Jane Leske,
Karen Brasel, MCW

Effects of Family Presence During Resuscitation after Trauma


06/01/10 to 05/31/13

Polly Ryan
(collaboration with Marquette/MCW)


Efficacy of a m-Health Self-Management Intervention.




 09/27/12 to 06/30/16


Polly Ryan, Joan Neuner (MCW, PI), Marilyn Shapira (MCW)

Development and Pilot Testing of Patient Decision Aids

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

07/01/11 to 06/30/13

Rachel Schiffman, Victoria Moerchen (UWM-CHS), & Paula Rhyner, (UWM- CHS)



Parent-Child Interaction in a Motor and Communication Intervention for Toddlers with Down Syndrome

Clinical and Translational Science Institute P/C NIH

04/01/12 to 3/31/13

Rachel Schiffman (Site PD), Ann Greer (UWM- L&S),  David Stack (UWM-UITS), & Scott Strath (UWM-CHS)* *

Clinical and Translational Science Award (U54)

Medical College of Wisconsin P/C

07/01/10 to 03/31/15

*The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin is a consortium of eight educational and clinical organizations. The PI is Reza Shaker (MCW). The individuals listed above are collaborators from UWM only. Similar teams exist at each of the partner organizations.