Academic Enrichment Center
Here in Support of Your Success

The College of Nursing’s Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) provides mentoring services and academic support in science and nursing classes for all nursing students to support their academic success.

The center is a supportive, comfortable place where students can network with faculty and students, study, relax or attend Supplemental Instruction, AEC Workshops or Brown Bag Seminars. Through networking, students support each other as well as themselves in academic learning, sharing of campus and personal resources and connect to the nursing profession.

Study More EffectivelyThe Academic Enrichment Center helps students learn how to study more effectively. Specifically, students may learn how to:
  • identify study strengths
  • improve learning skills
  • locate tutoring sessions
  • form study groups
  • identify campus resources
Supplemental InstructionSupplemental instruction is available for Chemistry 100, Chemistry 101, Chemistry 103, Physics 110, Anatomy & Physiology 202, Anatomy & Physiology 203. Student study groups are formed for various pre-nursing and clinical nursing courses.

Workshops and Brown Bag SeminarsThe Academic Enrichment Center helps students connect to resources in the College of Nursing and at UWM by sponsoring AEC Workshops each month. During these workshops, various departments on campus lead learning sessions which are free to students which inform the students of their services or assist them with an outcome during that session. The First Year Center, Tutoring and Academic Resource Center, Writing Center and Center for Volunteerism and Leadership are examples of campus resources which participate in AEC Workshops.

The Academic Enrichment Center also hosts Brown Bag Seminars each month. During these Brown Bags, students at all levels of the nursing program are invited to bring their lunch while listening to and asking questions of UWM BS Nursing Alums, current UWM Graduate Students and College of Nursing faculty. Alums may discuss their experiences as a "new nurse" or tips for success in the UWM curriculum while Graduate students will share the factors that motivated them to pursue advanced studies. Faculty will share some of their reserach interests or opportunities they have for students to engage in.

LocationThe Academic Enrichment Center is located in Cunningham Hall, Room 147, across from the large lecture hall. It is open to all students.
ContactCarrie von Bohlen, Academic Enrichment Center Coordinator

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-2:30pm