Department Toolkit

The following reports and documents provide admission, enrollment, financial and other data by department, division, field of study, and/or school/college.

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Survey Brief Description
Department Profiles
The Department Profiles are a summary of enrollment, budget, performance, and student outcome data for Divisions, Schools, and Colleges. The data is available as a web-based interactive query, a pdf, and an exportable Excel 2010 dashboard.
Planning Dashboard
This dashboard presents student enrollments, staffing, budget, and student credit hours by school/college and department.
Strategic Data Indicators
The Strategic Data Indicators provide historical enrollment, budget and performance, and student outcome data for schools and colleges.
Comparison of Admissions by Student Plan
Comparison of current and previous year gross admits by admit group, academic group (primarily school/college) and field of study.
Admitted Students by Institution of Enrollment
Interactive and pdf report shows the institution of enrollment for all New Freshmen and New Transfer students admitted to UWM.
Student Headcount by Academic Plans
Count of student enrollment by student level (year in school), academic group, student plan (field of study) and plan type.
New Freshman Outcomes Over One Year by School/College
First year outcomes by fall New Freshman cohort by school/college.
New Freshman Six Year Graduation by Field of Study
Summary of six year graduation rate by New Freshman's entering degree field of study compared to actual degree field of study.