Department Profiles

Dept Profiles
Description The Department Profiles are a summary of data for Divisions/Schools/College which are presented by the following categories and subcategories: "Enrollment-(Students, SCH Conveyed, and Section Size", "Budget, Expenditures, and Revenue-(Red Book Budget, Expenditures, Estimated Revenue)", "Measures of Scholarly Funding Activities-(Grant and Contract Proposals, Grant and Contract Awards)", "Research Expenditures-(Dollars, Extramural Funds Expended Per)", "Diversity-(Students, and Degrees Granted)", "Faculty and Staff-(Budgeted FTE, Instructional FTE, Research FTE, Instructional delivery measures, Majors per Intr Staff FTE, Degrees per Instr Staff FTE)", and "Retention and Graduation-(Bachelor Degrees, Enrolled or Graduated after Six Years, One Year Retention, Graduating Senior Survey)". The Interactive tool is designed to search, select, view and/or export data from the Pdf version of the Department Profiles
Annually in early September.
Data Source A wide variety of data warehouse tables.

Major changes were made to the 2012-13 version of the department profiles.  Most changes are related to staff fte numbers & calculations.  Please review this document for more detailed information.


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