Course Enrollment

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Report Brief Description Format
Credit Affinity Counts of credits by academic group of the student and by the school/college conveying the credits PDF, Excel
Credit Analysis Counts of credits by schools/colleges conveying credits by student level.
PDF, Excel
Section Enrollment Counts of student enrollment by schools/colleges conveying student level (year in school). PDF, Excel
Section Attrition and Grade Report Count of enrollments and grades by School/College and subject. PDF, Excel


Comparison of Enrollment Reports

Report Brief Description Format
Comparison of Enrollment to Date Interactive comparison of current and previous year enrollment. This report is an Interactive Report available through the online Query Library which requires UWM authorization. If you do not have prior authorization, instructions to gain access are located here. Query Library
Credits Conveyed Comparison of current and previous year's enrollment by credits and units. PDF
Headcount Comparison of current and previous year's enrollment by headcount, FTE, credits enrolled, and average credit load. PDF
Sections by Fund Count of current years' enrollment by number of students, credits and units PDF
Classroom Utilization Summary of classroom utilization including section counts by facility id, class size, total minutes, WRIP, and room capacity PDF