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There are approximately 200 research projects posted by UWM faculty members on this site. Use the links on this page to find projects that interest you. Think expansively. Look beyond your school or college, and think about your passions as well as your major. If you do not find something that interests you, do not despair! If you come to us with specific areas of interest, we can probably find a match for you beyond the projects listed here. If you have questions, just send a quick email to Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, at

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Fluid Dynamics & Biomechanics: Observing Zooplankton Behavior in the Presence of Micro Oil Droplets

Aquatic Food Web - fresh and marine water are the biota of micro-zooplankton feeding on algae and other suspended particles. Zooplankton, such as copepods and daphnia, act in turn as food sources...   Details

Fluidic Dynamics and Biomechanics: Observing Zooplankton Behavior in the Presence of Micro-bubbles

Micro-bubbles are known to be generated in aquatic environments by a variety of processes including: water turbulence, temperature and pressure changes, and chemical dispersion. Their presence has...   Details

Fluorometry/Time-Lapse Deconvolution

The student will be using the fluorometer to analyze concentrations of fluorescent compounds in tissue. These compounds are used as indicators of metabolic activity, which fits in with our lab's...   Details

Foreign direct investment and publicly available information: calculating a country information index

To develop an information index for a specific set of countries using publicly available information in news reports. This index will then be used to empirically assess the role of public...   Details

Functional range of motion of the wrist joint

The project will provide population norms for functional range of motion of the wrist under varied grasping and pinching tasks common in daily living activities as well as in workplaces.The objective...   Details

GABA(A) Receptor Research

The objective of this research is to determine the expression of different GABA(A) receptor subunits in the mouse lung. This in turn will enable the use of subtype-selective modulators of the GABA(A)...   Details

Gas turbine engine study

It is well-known that gas turbines are quite effective in topics such as power generation in industrial power plants, as well as in aerospace technologies, such as rocket and jet propulsion. Though...   Details

Genetic Studies to Understand How Bacteria Move over Surfaces

Bacterial mutants with defects in ability to crawl over surfaces will be analyzed using genetic, molecular biological, and microscopic techniques in order to understand the mechanism of cell movement...   Details

German Breweries of Milwaukee

Last year UWM undergraduates explored the German roots of Milwaukee and published the book, German Milwaukee, with Arcadia Publishers. This year I am looking for undergraduates who are interested in...   Details

Get to Know Your Animal Bones

The UWM Zooarchaeology lab analyzes animal bones from archaeological sites. To do this we need to maintain and expand our comparative osteological collections - our library of bones. We are...   Details