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There are approximately 200 research projects posted by UWM faculty members on this site. Use the links on this page to find projects that interest you. Think expansively. Look beyond your school or college, and think about your passions as well as your major. If you do not find something that interests you, do not despair! If you come to us with specific areas of interest, we can probably find a match for you beyond the projects listed here. If you have questions, just send a quick email to Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, at

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Healthier Birth Outcomes Project

The purpose of this birthing project, modelled after the Birthing Project USA, is to pilot a psychosocial intervention tailored for pregnant African American women living Milwaukee, Wisconsin to...   Details

Healthy Birth Outcomes for At-Risk Women

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the impact of programs such as Birthing Project USA, Centering Pregnancy, Prenatal Care Coordination to improve pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes in a...   Details

Healthy Day Cares

Evaluate the effectiveness of the "Healthy Day Cares" initiative, of the Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment: A Level II CARE (Community Action for a Renewed Environment) Cooperative...   Details

Heart Rate Variability, Respiration, and Self-reported Affect During Relaxation

The objective of the study is to determine if relaxation, goal-oriented behaviors, and motor movements influence parasympathetic control over heart rate variability. The results of the study may...   Details

Heat Treatment for Development of Ductile FRP Composites

Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites have gained widespread use in civil, mechanical, and aerospace applications. However, a major drawback of FRP materials is (unlike steel and aluminum, &) is...   Details

Heat transfer enhancement using a novel structure in thermal management system of battery energy storage

The goal of the project is to improve the heat transfer performance of the thermal management system for Lithium-ion battery systems. Batteries have an optimum temperature range for peak performance,...   Details

Her Stories: Daytime Soap Opera and US Television History

The daytime soap opera has been a popular and persistent form of U.S. television programming throughout the medium's history. This book project examines the genre as central to US TV history and to...   Details

High-Speed Microscope Observations of Feeding Biomechanics in Zooplankton

For planktonic animals living in the oceans one part in 10,000,000 parts of water is food. How does a typical zooplankter separate the food from the water without losing the particle of food?...   Details

High-rate germanium yolk-shell nanoparticle anode for Li-ion battery with long cycle life and ultrahigh capacity

This project is aimed at developing high performance anode materials for lithium-ion battery to achieve a clean and sustainable strategy for energy storage. The objective of our studies is to develop...   Details

Home Activity Database and Modeling

The prupose of this project is to collect home activity data to create a database to be used in the development of a home activity modeling and prediction tool using smartphone technology. In home...   Details