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There are approximately 200 research projects posted by UWM faculty members on this site. Use the links on this page to find projects that interest you. Think expansively. Look beyond your school or college, and think about your passions as well as your major. If you do not find something that interests you, do not despair! If you come to us with specific areas of interest, we can probably find a match for you beyond the projects listed here. If you have questions, just send a quick email to Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, at

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Ethnographic Theatre - Borrowed Methodology, Critical Performance, And Transactional Practice

My work, specifically combines the fields of storytelling and acting, I study the storied experience and examine narrative as a primary epistemological source. Additionally, working with tales and...   Details

Evaluating D2L Accessibility and Usability for Blind Students

The central premise of this research is that blind students cannot participate effectively in online education due to significant accessibility and usability problems in Web-based learning...   Details

Evaluating Program Analysis Frameworks

Our group research involves Eclipse plug-ins to perform analysis tasks. We have one reference implementation and are investigating other hopefully faster but coarser implementations   Details

Evaluation of Novel Small Molecule Modulators of Nuclear Receptor Mediated Transcription

The objective of this research is the identification of highly selective transcriptional inhibitors that modulate the vitamin D receptor mediated gene regulation. The student will use biochemical and...   Details

Evaluation of the Music and Memory Program among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia

The goal of the study is to evaluate the impact of the Music and Memory (M&M), on outcomes for nursing home residents with dementia, their families and staff. The Music and Memory (M&M) program uses...   Details

Examining the Efficacy of a Facebook-Mediated Intervention to Increase Steps per Day in Female Freshmen

The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of social media to increase physical activity (PA) levels in college freshman. This 8-week, randomized-controlled trial will include 64...   Details

Exploratory study of nursing competence specific to genetics and genomics

Few efforts have been undertaken to assess the knowledge and skills of nurses relative to genetics and genomics. As a result, little is known about the current level of knowledge and competence...   Details

Family matters: Study of perceptions of the community memeber about th eimportance of family history

Exploratory study of nursing competence specific to genetics and genomics   Details

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Dyadic Observational Communication Study among HIV-positive African American Persons and Their Informal Support Providers

For this project, we will be interviewing 20 African American HIV-infected dyads to get a better understanding of the type of interpersonal support that they have and need, especially as it relates...   Details

Feedback: interactive art and virtual worlds

This research aims to explore issues of the embodied spectator in the digital age. Its resultant projects fall into two categories: interactive art and virtual worlds. The works in the first...   Details