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There are approximately 200 research projects posted by UWM faculty members on this site. Use the links on this page to find projects that interest you. Think expansively. Look beyond your school or college, and think about your passions as well as your major. If you do not find something that interests you, do not despair! If you come to us with specific areas of interest, we can probably find a match for you beyond the projects listed here. If you have questions, just send a quick email to Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, at

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Development of Servo-pneumatic Load-Control Test Devices for Testing of Composites Structures

Currently, a practical system structural excitation source (interrogation energy delivery method) that creates multitudes of elastic waves in the component being inspected in composites is missing...   Details

Development of a Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction Method for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures.

The student will study a method based upon Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction (FI-SE) to study the Maillard Reaction, which occurs between amino acids and sugars. This reaction is important in many...   Details

Development of a Genetic System for DNA Transfer into Aeromonas Hydrophila

The objective of this project is to develop genetic techniques to study the bacterium Aeromonas hydrophila. This is an opportunistic pathogen that can cause disease in fish as well as humans. Genetic...   Details

Development of a Kinetic Model for the Early Stages of the Maillard Reaction

The goal of this project is to better understand the reactions of amino acids with carbohydrates (known as the Maillard reaction). This reaction is important in a variety of contexts, including human...   Details

Development of a Liquid Flow Cell for the Variable Pathlength Cavity Spectrometer.

The student will be working on a project to further develop an instrument that I patented in 2014, the Variable Pathlength Cavity Spectrometer (VPCS). Over the past 10 years, two consecutive Ph.D....   Details

Development of a Novel Asymmetric Synthesis for BRL 37959.

Biologically active aryl compounds are found in the structure of many life saving drugs, but are rarely found in nature. Currently most synthetic procedures for these compounds are hugely expensive...   Details

Development of a Novel Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction Method for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures.

In this project, the student will develop a state-of-the-art analytical system for the separation and reconcentration of products of the Maillard Reaction. This reaction is between an amino acid and...   Details

Development of a Sequential Injection Interface for Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography

The project will focus on designing, building, and optimizing an instrument for separating complex mixtures into individual chemical compounds that are present. This research will provide a strong...   Details

Development of a new instrument for measuring tissue mechanics

We propose to develop a technique that measures the dynamics and mechanics of muscle fibers when exposed to force. Our objectives are to construct an instrument that is able to measure muscle fibers...   Details

Development of an automated patch-clamp assay for GABAa receptor subtype selective molulators

The objective of this research is the establishment of a patch-clamp assay to determine the selectivities andefficacies of novel benzodiazepine-based compounds towards different subtypes of the GABAa...   Details