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There are approximately 200 research projects posted by UWM faculty members on this site. Use the links on this page to find projects that interest you. Think expansively. Look beyond your school or college, and think about your passions as well as your major. If you do not find something that interests you, do not despair! If you come to us with specific areas of interest, we can probably find a match for you beyond the projects listed here. If you have questions, just send a quick email to Kyla Esguerra, Associate Director, at

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"Loyalty and the Making of the Modern:" British Victorian Cultural Research Project

The project examines three overlapping areas upon which notions of loyalty were articulated: that of the state (patriotism), the family (conjugal loyalty), and the economy (consumer loyalty). In...   Details

3D reconstructions of neurons as a function of cortical layer, learning, & aging

Through this research project, the student will be exposed to and will learn aspects of advanced research, while adding to her personal experiences. S/he will continue to be taught cutting edge...   Details

A Quantitative History of Chile:1800-2009

I am in the advanced stages of this Internet article for an Internet Encyclopedia of quantitative economic histories of most countries of the world.Even though the article can not exist without a...   Details

A Study of Varnish and Binder Ageing in Art Conservation: Development of a Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography Method

The student's project will focus on the development of a novel method for characterizing binders and varnishes that are used in paintings. The instrument used is a high resolution Gas Chromatograph...   Details

Adaptation to Novel Sensory-Motor Environment during Visually-Guided Reaching

The overall purpose of this project is to understand how the brain controls reaching movement under various sensorimotor environments. The specific objectives are: 1. To investigate how...   Details

After Picturing Milwaukee: Digital Humanities Storage, Indexing, and Analysis

Since 2012, the Picturing Milwaukee project has collected over 80 oral histories of residents of multiple Milwaukee neighborhoods. Each of these interviews has asked diverse residents about local...   Details

An Approach to Next-Generation Lithium-Based Batteries

The objectives of this project are to develop a new approach to scalable synthesis of Li-S battery with high cyclability and high capacity using a low-cost, industrially available carbon matrix as...   Details

An examination of the physiological, psychological, and behavioral correlates of body weight monitoring

Body weight monitoring, or the measurement of body weight by the self or others using a scale, is a technique used in numerous popular weight management programs. However, weight monitoring behavior...   Details

An integrated approach to identifying sports-injury risk factors

The overall objective of this project is to determine if psychosocial, physical and nutritional sport injury risk factors together creates a more predictive model of sport injury risk.   Details

Application of GIS technology to extrapolate structures in rocks from Wisconsin's ancient mountains

The goal of this project is to integrate geographical information system (GIS) into contemporary structural geology research. GIS is commonly used in earth science applications including geologic...   Details

Art & Ecology

This project will explore designing, testing, making and using ceramic vessels as underground and above-ground water retention and dispersal devices. To be applied for use in urban gardens where...   Details

Art Cycle Milwaukee

The 2 main objectives of the Art Cycle Milwaukee project are to: 1. Design and build a mobile art making platform that is bicycle-based. 2. Develop appropriate performance programming to take this...   Details

Assembly Force Requirements and Human Capabilities in Upstream Design Planning

The objective of this study is to quantify the effects of design parameters of common assembly parts on force/torque required during assembly processes. The results of this study will be tabulated...   Details

Association Between Ecstasy (MDMA) Use and Mood Symptoms In Young Adults

Alcohol and marijuana are the most commonly used drugs in adolescents and young adults. It is relatively unknown how adolescent drug use affects affective processing or frontolimbic connectivity....   Details

Association Between Ecstasy (MDMA) Use and White Matter Density in Adolescents Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Ecstasy use has been associated with reduced verbal memory, executive function and abnormal brain structure. However, there are few studies that have investigated whether ecstasy impacts white matter...   Details

Astronomy and Astrophysics Undergraduate Research Program

The Arecibo Remote Command Center at UWM (ARCC@UWM) program is specifically designed to allow students to significantly contribute to cutting-edge research, namely the discovery of pulsars. The...   Details

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System

Use an atmospheric dispersion modeling system to predict the movement of atmospheric contaminants from many locations around the world. The system currently makes predictions for atmospheric...   Details

Attention and Executive Function structure of six Elementary Cognitive Tasks and the Conners CPT-II

This project aims to provide normative data for some experimental tasks that we currently use in the Learning Disability Clinic. We administer computerized tasks that measure elemental aspects of...   Details

Auditory Transitive Inference

Until now, tasks exploring the inherent inferential capacities of human memory have been limited to visual stimuli,and of those, the tasks can be construed as largely spatial. The rapidly expanding...   Details

Bacteria and Fungi in Carnivorous Pitcher Plants Help Break Down Chitin from Insect Prey

Carnivorous pitcher plants capture insect prey which is broken down and the nutrients released are taken up by the plant to overcome inadequate soil nutrients. This project is part of a larger...   Details

Balance Testing for Normally Aging Adults and People with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy who use Multifocal Eyeglasses

This project will continue the work of the R2D2 Center on measuring the effects of multifocals lens glasses (MfLs) on gait and stair performance. Past research has found effects of MfLs on novice and...   Details

Barriers to Success in Higher Education and Successful Coping Mechanisms for Students

The goal of this study is to examine barriers to success as well as factors that ensure success in college students, and specifically students of color. The study will examine personal experiences...   Details

Beach Monitoring Project

The student will be working to build and validate a water quality buoy for real- time monitoring and modeling of Escherichia coli at Bradford Beach. The objectives are: 1. Build and test three novel...   Details

Beach Monitoring: Hourly Microbial Indicator & Water Quality Forecast

We work in close collaboration with the Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) monitoring water quality at Milwaukee beaches to determine when to close a beach for recreation. Escherichia coli is measured...   Details

Beatrice Manley website; research and development

I have been working on a website about the work and life of American actress/teacher/writer Beatrice Manley. The website can be accessed at I am looking for someone who can help...   Details

Big Data Enabled Intelligent Influent Forecasting for Wastewater Treatment Systems

Accurate influent forecasting is critical for implementing effective control and optimizaiton strategies for wastewater treatment plants in order to enhance the system reliability and reduce the...   Details

Biomass Renewable Energy Study

Chicken litter resulting from factory, home, restraurants and livestock farms are not only a burden on their plants but also a waste of energy. Recent studies on sources of renewable energies have...   Details

Biomedical and Public Health Informatics

Biomedical and Public Health research depends on the collection and sophisticated analysis of large collections of genetic, biological, physiological, patient and public health date. Sophisticated...   Details

Biosensors for environmental mercury and other heavy metals

Goal: Create ultra-sensitive sensors for detecting mercury in water, sediment and biological samples (e.g. fish) in real time. Rationale: Mercury binding proteins from bacteria coupled to two...   Details

Body image after extreme weight loss

The goal of this systematic literature review project is to examine how one's body image is affected by extreme weight loss either by bariatric surgery or other methods.   Details

Bouki Blues: The Music of the Sahel

This is a documentary in progress of footage that was filmed on location in 3 countries in West Africa. The objective of this research was to record traditional African musicians who lived along the...   Details

BraIN Lab

Our current study examines the role of various environmental influences on adolescent brain development. We use cutting edge exercise testing, neuropsychological surveys and magnetic resonance...   Details

Brain Control of Human Movement

The focus of this project is to better understand cortical control mechanisms involved in human movement. The specific objectives of this work include: 1. Investigate how visual attention to a...   Details

Breast Awareness and Breast Cancer Screening Among Young Women

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the second most common cause of cancer death among women in the United States. While most women diagnose with breast cancer are over the age...   Details

Building the Tree of Life: Tracing the Evolution of Plants

Students will be involved in a project that helps botanists understand evolutionary relationships in plants. By involvement in a small "miniproject" that will be their specialty, they will learn...   Details

Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School

Picturing Milwaukee is a participatory action-research project that explores history and heritage of local neighborhoods. One of the primary objectives of this project is to 1) collect stories and...   Details

By Any Media Necessary: Superhybrid Forms of Contemporary Art

"By Any Media Necessary" is a project initiated by INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts) in the Peck School of the Arts. The project explores the evolution of interdisciplinary practices by looking...   Details

CLOUD BASE digital humanities interface for theater artists

Theater is cross disciplne collective artform. The practice of theater demands a muti faceted data collection accessible from many different points of reference. The CLOUD BASE project aims to...   Details

CUIR - Undergraduate Research positions

The Center for Urban Initiatives and Research (CUIR) is looking for applications from UWM students interested in urban related research. CUIR's Undergraduate Research Program seeks to increase...   Details

Call Repertoires in Frogs

Anurans (Frogs & Toads) are highly vocal creatures. Most people are familiar with the mating calls male anurans produce during the breeding season. Much less known is the fact that the vocal...   Details

Campaigns and Candidates in Mayoral Elections

This project focuses on the impact of candidate characteristics (race, sex, political experience) and campaign expenditures on election outcomes and voter turnout in urban mayoral elections. Data are...   Details

Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Improved Pb-Acid Battery Performance

The objective of this research is to determine the quantitative performance benefits of a)carbon nanotubes and b) graphene additions to lead-acid batteries. Initial experiments have indicated that...   Details

Carbon Nanotubes: New Frontiers in Infrared Photovoltaics and Sensors

Rapid advancements in the nanotechnology field have catalyzed discovery of new classes of nanoelectronic materials and conversion schemes for application in photovoltaic (PV) modules. A critical...   Details

Center for 21st Century Studies Student Blog

The Center for 21st Century Studies recently launched a student blog ( in order to highlight the unique perspectives of undergraduate students on Center...   Details

Characterization of Novel Low-Cost pH Sensor in Extreme Range

The objective of the study is to fabricate and characterize low-cost disposable pH sensors out of carbon screen-printed electrodes for pH detection, especially in extreme pH conditions such as below...   Details

Characterization of zebrafish with spinal deformities

Research on the cause of scoliosis has been hindered by the lack of a reliable model system that fully recapitulates the abnormal spinal curvatures characteristic of this disease. Interestingly, in...   Details

Characterizing mutations in zebrafish that correlate with fish with spinal deformities.

Research on the cause of scoliosis has been hindered by the lack of a reliable model system that fully recapitulates the abnormal spinal curvatures characteristic of this disease. Interestingly, in...   Details

Chemical gradients across the summer density interface in Lake Michigan

Seasonal temperature-dependent density structure controls movement of nutrients between deep and surface water, which is critical for production of biomass in Lake Michigan. Nutrients are accompanied...   Details

Child Parent Co-sleeping

The student will be involved in several projects addressing characteristics of parents who choose to bedshare with their infants and toddlers, and effective means of prevention in modifying this...   Details

Chiral Brønsted Acid Development

Nature uses chiral Brønsted acids catalytically for numerous organic reactions. Organic chemists have until only very recently realized the importance of this unique class of catalyst. As a result,...   Details

Cognitive Control and Emotion

Trait anxiety is a known risk factor for the development of future anxiety disorders. Trait anxiety is associated with hypervigilant orientation of attention to task-irrelevant stimuli, particularly...   Details

Cognitive Processes in Stimulus Categorization

It is well established that when measuring implicit behavior, people exhibit behavior that demonstrates racial bias. Other work in this area shows that cognitive control is useful in ameliorating...   Details

Community Engagement for People with Disabilities

For people with disabilities, participating in ones community centers around the values of active and meaningful engagement, choice, and control. Eleven percent of Milwaukee county residents...   Details

Computer Aided Design and Machining in the Production of Art

In my research I have been interested in exploring the social implications of modern utilitarian objects and the effects of technology in the design and creation of those objects. Computers are...   Details

Confidence and Awareness in Transitive Inference

The objectives of this experiment include examining the potential relationship between the confidence of responses and awareness in the transitive inference task. Furthermore, a new procedure for...   Details

Contrast Effect and Consumer Perceptions

My laboratory is dedicated to understanding the neural bases of health and pathological emotional processing and also understanding dysregulated responses to emotional stimuli among people prone to...   Details

Controlled Drug Delivery from PLGA Biodegradable Polymers

PLGA polymers have been extensively investigated as promising carriers to control the release rates for various types of drug agents. In principle, it is theorized that the physicochemical properties...   Details

Correlates of Health, Physical Activity, and Physical Functioning in Older Adults

Objective of the project: To assess the relationship of physical activity and sedentary behavior between physical function, endothelial function, metabolic and cardiovascular biomarkers, bone health,...   Details

Cost effective and time efficient phosphate and lead sensing in water.

The objective of the proposed study is fabricate and characterize low-cost disposable pH and heavy metal sensors out of carbon screen printed electrodes. The sensor has reduced graphene oxide and...   Details

Cream City Soundcheck Production Assistant

Cream City Soundcheck is an exciting new musical documentary series created by students of UW-Milwaukee in collaboration with The Pabst Theaters Organization. Each video has bands exploring...   Details

Creating a psychophysical depth perception paradigm for use in an fMR study.

Continuing the R2D2 Center's line of research into the effects of multifocal lens glasses (i.e., lined bifocals and trifocals, unlined progressives) on the visual and functional gait performance of...   Details

Crisis in Our Closet: Working With UWM's Archaeological Collections

Entire collections of artifacts across the country are simply vanishing or being hidden away so deeply that they are forgotten about completely, not to mention being stored in substandard conditions...   Details

Cultures and Contexts Lab

This lab has a series of ongoing projects that require different levels of student involvement. You would be matched with a project and task that best fit your skills and interests. For more...   Details

Democratized Small Scale Manufacturing: Creating a Multipurpose Affordable CNC Machine for Small Scale Production

Our goal is to build a small scale combination subtractive and additive manufacturing machine (milling machine and 3D printer combination machine) that is of our own design and specifications that...   Details

Design and Characterization of PVC foam composites with fly ash

This project will study using PVC foam composites using Fly Ash as a filler. Fly Ash is a byproduct that is generated from burning coal in power plants. Millions of tons of fly ash are generated...   Details

Design of a Climbing Wheelchair for Paraplegics

The objective of this research is to design a low cost wheelchair that can be used by paraplegics to go up and down stairs in their homes by themselves using this wheelchair. If successful this...   Details

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Metal Matrix Micro and Nanocomposites

The project involves design of cast metal matrix composites and alloys and solidification processes to synthesize these materials. Material samples will be cast in the Foundry and Solidification...   Details

Designing an Intracardiac DOF Robotic Catheter with a 4D Imaging live Feedback

The main objective of this project is to design a multifunctional Intracardiac imaging robotic catheter device to help guide diagnostic and therapeutic Intracardiac electrophysiology procedures. The...   Details

Determination Of Optimal Pt Loading Rate For Microbial Desalination Cells

The objectives of this project is to experimentally determine the optimal loading rate of platinum on the cathode of microbial desalination cells and understand the effects of Pt loading rates on MDC...   Details

Determine the function of auxin signaling in cell fate determination

Objective: Our research focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms by which auxin controls megaspore mother cell (MMC) initiation or proliferation during ovule development via employing...   Details

Determining The Effects Of Incoming Air Humidity Level On Industrial Air Compressor Performance

The objectives of this project are to (1) experimentally determine the effect of air compressor performance on the energy usage of an industrial air compressor and (2) use the experimental results to...   Details

Developing a modified Dynamic Gait Index for Wearers of Multifocal Lens Glasses

The R2D2 Center and the researcher are involved in a line of research that is exploring the effects of multifocal lens eyeglasses (i.e., lined bifocals and trifocals, unlined progressives) on gait...   Details

Development Of An Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cell For Bioenergy Production And Wastewater Treatment

The objective of this project is to develop a lab prototype air-cathode microbial fuel cell (MFC) powering small electronic device for demonstration.   Details

Development Of Test Standards For Improved Safety Of Advanced Carbon-Fiber Bicycles

This overall project relates to development of new industry standards for polymer based carbon fiber bicycle forks that were subject to a voluntary recall issued by the US Consumer Product Safety...   Details

Development and Evaluation of a Pilot Radio Segment and Web-Video Clip Series on Assistive Technology and Disability

Recently, we've seen a growing population of people that require or will require more assistive technology (AT) as Americans age (Graying of America), war casualties increase, and we improve our...   Details

Development of Computer Numerical Control Programs for Manufaturing and Global Collaberation

This research project aims to enhance the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) capabilities of my laboratory. A major focus of my laboratory is to develop in situ...   Details

Development of Decision Aids and Coaching Protocol for Family Proxy Decision Makers

The overall goal of this project is to develop decision aids and decision coaching protocol for health professionals to use to guide family caregivers making medical decisions on behalf of their...   Details

Development of Genetic Techniques to Study Prophyromonas gingivalis

This project involves the generation of genetic tools for the study of the periodontal pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis. This bacterium is a major healt problem, and its infection leads to tooth...   Details

Development of New Protease Assays to Detect Novel Pepsin Inhibitors

The objective of this research is the identification of novel therapeutics for laryngopharyngeal reflux disease (LPRD). The estimated economic burden of LPRD is over $52 billion/year, with 52% of the...   Details

Development of Research and Conference Portal for GLIDE: Global Interaction in Design Education

GLIDE currently highlights the research and collaborations of designers across the globe. It provides a collaborative space through which designers, educators, and researchers can share ideas and...   Details

Development of Servo-pneumatic Load-Control Test Devices for Testing of Composites Structures

Currently, a practical system structural excitation source (interrogation energy delivery method) that creates multitudes of elastic waves in the component being inspected in composites is missing...   Details

Development of a Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction Method for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures.

The student will study a method based upon Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction (FI-SE) to study the Maillard Reaction, which occurs between amino acids and sugars. This reaction is important in many...   Details

Development of a Genetic System for DNA Transfer into Aeromonas Hydrophila

The objective of this project is to develop genetic techniques to study the bacterium Aeromonas hydrophila. This is an opportunistic pathogen that can cause disease in fish as well as humans. Genetic...   Details

Development of a Kinetic Model for the Early Stages of the Maillard Reaction

The goal of this project is to better understand the reactions of amino acids with carbohydrates (known as the Maillard reaction). This reaction is important in a variety of contexts, including human...   Details

Development of a Liquid Flow Cell for the Variable Pathlength Cavity Spectrometer.

The student will be working on a project to further develop an instrument that I patented in 2014, the Variable Pathlength Cavity Spectrometer (VPCS). Over the past 10 years, two consecutive Ph.D....   Details

Development of a Novel Asymmetric Synthesis for BRL 37959.

Biologically active aryl compounds are found in the structure of many life saving drugs, but are rarely found in nature. Currently most synthetic procedures for these compounds are hugely expensive...   Details

Development of a Novel Flow Injection-Solvent Extraction Method for the Analysis of Complex Mixtures.

In this project, the student will develop a state-of-the-art analytical system for the separation and reconcentration of products of the Maillard Reaction. This reaction is between an amino acid and...   Details

Development of a Sequential Injection Interface for Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography

The project will focus on designing, building, and optimizing an instrument for separating complex mixtures into individual chemical compounds that are present. This research will provide a strong...   Details

Development of a new instrument for measuring tissue mechanics

We propose to develop a technique that measures the dynamics and mechanics of muscle fibers when exposed to force. Our objectives are to construct an instrument that is able to measure muscle fibers...   Details

Development of an automated patch-clamp assay for GABAa receptor subtype selective molulators

The objective of this research is the establishment of a patch-clamp assay to determine the selectivities andefficacies of novel benzodiazepine-based compounds towards different subtypes of the GABAa...   Details

Development of new drug candidates for tumor imaging, diagnostics, and therapy.

The objective of this project is to develop new drug candidates for early detection and therapy of neoplastic diseases (tumors).   Details

Differences in Anxiety Levels Between Male and Female Marijuana Users

Alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy remain very popular in teens. It is relatively unknown how adolescent drug use affects affective processing or frontolimbic connectivity. To date, there are no known...   Details

Differential Stigma around Eating Disorders

this project is addressing current public perceptions of individuals with eating disorders, with a goal of understanding whether these perceptions inhibit treatment seeking for affected individuals,...   Details

Digital Craft Research Lab

Students in the Digital Craft Research Lab will research recent developments in digital fabrication to design and create 3D printed prosthetic devices for children affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome;...   Details

Digitization of Middle East Slides

This project involves working under the general supervision of myself and Krystyna Mattusiak at UWM libraries to digitize and label my 600 images of Egypt, Jerusalem, and Greece. These are basically...   Details

Digitizing the Russian Classics

Since 1995, long before Google, The Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore ( has been a pioneer in digitizing mass quantities of books. Unlike...   Details

Distill Life and Scripted

The first will be a continuation of the Distill Life series, collaborations with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger where we mount translucent prints to LCD screens creating moving imageTs on paper. As a...   Details

Distributed Light Delivery System for Deep Brain Stimulation

In our lab, we combine the tools of optics and molecular genetics to control the activities of neurons. To target deep brain objects with minimum destruction inside the tissue we implant optical...   Details

Divergent Fates

Divergent Fates is a new project that builds on my longstanding research interests in materiality, particularly my research into reused plastic, polyurethanes, and silicone rubber. I intend to...   Details

Documentary Projects Outreach

doc|UWM, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukees documentary center, housed inside the Peck School of the Arts Film Department, numerous documentary project in all stages of production and are...   Details

Don't Read the Comments: Networked performance Framing Comment-based Vitriol as a Work of Art

Don't read the comments" will be a participatory performance that purposefully invites condescending, vitriolic and/or ridiculous comments (among others) of varying predefined categories via our web...   Details

Dual-channel Thermoacoustic Tomography of Healthy and Diseased Tissue Specimens

The overarching goal in this lab is to quantify the thermoacoustic contrast mechanism. Because prostate cancer is notoriously difficult to image with current diagnostic imaging techniques (xray,...   Details

EARGEAR  Web-based HTML5 Open Learning for the Blind

Our project is shaping well in the feature set and refining the interface. We have had a meeting this summer with Dr. Roger Smith and his team at the R2D2 lab (Occupational Science and Technology) to...   Details

Effect of Binge Drinking Study

Alcohol, marijuana and ecstasy remain very popular in teens. It is relatively unknown how adolescent drug use affects affective processing or frontolimbic connectivity. To date, there are no known...   Details

Effect of CO2 on Algae Micro- and Macronutrients

Identify the relative quantities of macro (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) and micronutrients (Fe,S, P, K, etc.) and their distribution in Algae that have been exposed to ambient and elevated...   Details

Effect of Posture on EMG Based Hand Force Estimates

The objective of this study is to quantify error in EMG based hand-grip force estimates as hand/wrist postures deviate from neutral. The long-term objective is to develop algorithms that will allow...   Details

Effect of Prolonged Kneeling on Biomechanical Measures

The overall goal of this project is to evaluate the effect of prolonged kneeling on biomechanical measures and to investigate the effectiveness of knee pads and other protective...   Details

Effects of Estrogen on Extinction Learning

We use animal models of cocaine use to determine the neural mechanisms underlying extinction of drug-seeking behavior. Gender differences in extinction of drug seeking have not been explored, with...   Details

Effects of Estrogen on Extinction of Cocaine Seeking

We use animal models of cocaine use to determine the neural mechanisms underlying extinction of drug-seeking behavior. Gender differences in extinction of drug seeking have not been explored, with...   Details

Effects of Physical Activity and Marijuana Use on Brain Function in Teens

Marijuana (MJ) use is the second most popular drug in teens. It is relatively unknown how adolescent MJ use affects affective processing or frontolimbic connectivity. To date, there are no known...   Details

Efforts of the Hmong Human Rights Movement to Pass the Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act

The methodology portion of this research will consist of interviews and analysis of secondary sources. The objectives of this research project will be: 1. To conduct interviews with activists in...   Details

Electric generator and correlation with fluid mechanics on a hydroturbine

This project is aimed to develop a power generation system with a small hydroturbine in the laboratory. The student will work on designing, developing, and constructing the closed loop of a...   Details

Electrical manipulation of nano-wires and carbon nanotubes

Nanotechnology deals with the very diverse areas, and brings enormous changes in many research fields and our normal life. It is a multi-disciplinary field that combines engineering, chemistry,...   Details

Electrochemical Sensor Development for the Detection of Heavy Metals

This student will be attempting to improve the existing sensor by increasing its sensitivity and widening its range of detection to a broader category of heavy metals.   Details

Electrostatic Generation in Dielectric Fluids  The Viscoelectric Effect

We have developed a new theory that explains the generation of electrostatic current in moving dielectric fluids. This is known as the Viscoelectric effect. Laboratory equipment has been purchased...   Details

Elemental Bodies: A Immersive Installation with Sensor Control

This ongoing art and technology project entails creating a suite of four rooms that are conceptually integrated by metaphors of the skin. The works both represent the skin as a sensory boundary and...   Details

Emotion and Physiology

Postures, such as standing versus sitting, can alter autonomic nervouse system arousal. An increase in sympathetic nervous system activity (increased heart rate) may influence the perception of...   Details

Emotion and Theory of Mind Deficits in Maladaptive Personality Styles

This study will investigate difficulties in emotional processing and theory of mind associated with Machiavellianism. The hallmark of this personality style is interpersonal manipulation, but recent...   Details

Emotion, Anxiety, and Depression: What Captures Our Attention and the Role of the Brain and Body

The UWM Affective Neuroscience Laboratory is engaged in research in two primary domains. First, how do individual differences in reaction to emotional events lead to risk for depression and anxiety?...   Details

Enabling Intelligent Charging Navigation in Electric Transportation

The emerging electric transportation demands the construction of a number of electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS's) to charge the massive electric vehicles (EVs). And there is a need for...   Details

Encyclopedia of Milwaukee

The Encyclopedia of Milwaukee (EMKE) has a special feature called the "Underbook," which will include "Understories" written by researchers to share their experiences with readers and thereby teach...   Details

Energy Production using Gas Turbine Technology

It is well-known that gas turbines are quite effective in topics such as power generation in industrial power plants, as well as in aerospace technologies, such as rocket and jet propulsion. Though...   Details

Engineering Microfluidic Device for Mixing Experimentation

Microfluidics deals with the behavior, manipulation, and precise control of fluids at the microscopic level. It is a multi-disciplinary field that combines engineering, chemistry, physics,...   Details

Enhancement of Heat Extraction from Geothermal Reservoir using CO2 as a Working Fluid

Geologic sequestration of CO2 into brine-bearing deep formations is suggested as a viable means to reduce these emission. Recent investigation suggests that CO2 could also be used as a working fluid...   Details

Ergonomic Comparison of Manual Cable Tie Tools

he objective of this study is to quantify the grip force requirements to use 4 different styles of manual cable tie hand-tools using electromyography (EMG), and subjective ratings from...   Details

Estabrook Pond: A Community Resource

Estabrook Pond is a small urban pond created in the 1930's that is widely enjoyed by the North Shore community. However, the history of the pond, its characteristics and the threats facing it are...   Details

Ethnographic Theatre - Borrowed Methodology, Critical Performance, And Transactional Practice

My work, specifically combines the fields of storytelling and acting, I study the storied experience and examine narrative as a primary epistemological source. Additionally, working with tales and...   Details

Evaluating D2L Accessibility and Usability for Blind Students

The central premise of this research is that blind students cannot participate effectively in online education due to significant accessibility and usability problems in Web-based learning...   Details

Evaluation of Novel Small Molecule Modulators of Nuclear Receptor Mediated Transcription

The objective of this research is the identification of highly selective transcriptional inhibitors that modulate the vitamin D receptor mediated gene regulation. The student will use biochemical and...   Details

Evaluation of the Music and Memory Program among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia

The goal of the study is to evaluate the impact of the Music and Memory (M&M), on outcomes for nursing home residents with dementia, their families and staff. The Music and Memory (M&M) program uses...   Details

Examining Poverty-Related Stress and Family Coping

This study aims to build upon the limited knowledge base of understanding resiliency; specifically, how coping style and social support influence the relationship between poverty-related stress and...   Details

Examining the Efficacy of a Facebook-Mediated Intervention to Increase Steps per Day in Female Freshmen

The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of social media to increase physical activity (PA) levels in college freshman. This 8-week, randomized-controlled trial will include 64...   Details

Experiences of Children and Parents at the Children's Museum

Children's museums provide a fun and interactive experience for children and their families. While children's museums are designed to be educational, there is a lack of research demonstrating that...   Details

Experimental Investigation of Hydroturbine

The student researcher will work on an aeration research for cleaning waste water by injecting air bubbles in the turbine runner field through runner blades. The work will be performed by designing...   Details

Experimental Studies on Droplet Formation and Cell Encapsulation in Micro-channels for High-throughput Screening

The overall objective of this experiment is to gain a better understanding of the junction geometry on microdroplet generation in a PDMS microfluidic device. Variables such as cross section junction...   Details

Exploring Functionalized Morphology of Plant Surfaces

Engineers have often been inspired by naturally occurring structures. The objectives of this research will be the identification and interpretation of functional surfaces found on plant surfaces...   Details

Facilitators and Barriers to ART Adherence Among Women in Kenya

The objectives of this project are: 1. indentify Gaps in literature about challenges faced by HIV positive mothers in caring for their children. 2. Using narrative inquiry assist in segmenting...   Details

Farming in the Forests: Paleoethnobotany of Prehistoric Garden Bed Sites on the Menominee Indian Reservation

The project consists of an introduction to the processing and sorting of botanical remains from archaeological contexts. Soil samples were collected during archaeological excavations of three...   Details

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Dyadic Observational Communication Study among HIV-positive African American Persons and Their Informal Support Providers

For this project, we will be interviewing 20 African American HIV-infected dyads to get a better understanding of the type of interpersonal support that they have and need, especially as it relates...   Details

Feedback: interactive art and virtual worlds

This research aims to explore issues of the embodied spectator in the digital age. Its resultant projects fall into two categories: interactive art and virtual worlds. The works in the first...   Details

Fiber Testing for Printmaking Project

This project will test local plant and tree fibers such as pine, dogwood, cattail, day lily, field thistle, and milkweed to discover a fiber that creates a smooth and durable surface. This paper will...   Details

Final Registration of Histology to Thermoacoustic Images

We are in the process of correlating approximately 1000 histology slides from 20 prostates that were imaged in my thermoacoustics lab immediately after surgical resection. All prostates have...   Details

Firefighter Health, Injury, and Performance - The Occupational Athlete

Firefighters are a unique occupational group due to the high physical and mental demands to successfully fulfill job performance responsibilities. The Fire Service Joint Labor Management...   Details

Flexible Films for Sensing and Actuation Applications

The objective of this study is to develop new material films made of natural materials with magnetic properties. The objective is to develop films that can be used in actuation and sensing...   Details

Fluid Dynamics & Biomechanics: Observing Zooplankton Behavior in the Presence of Micro Oil Droplets

Aquatic Food Web - fresh and marine water are the biota of micro-zooplankton feeding on algae and other suspended particles. Zooplankton, such as copepods and daphnia, act in turn as food sources...   Details

Fluidic Dynamics and Biomechanics: Observing Zooplankton Behavior in the Presence of Micro-bubbles

Micro-bubbles are known to be generated in aquatic environments by a variety of processes including: water turbulence, temperature and pressure changes, and chemical dispersion. Their presence has...   Details

Fluorometry/Time-Lapse Deconvolution

The student will be using the fluorometer to analyze concentrations of fluorescent compounds in tissue. These compounds are used as indicators of metabolic activity, which fits in with our lab's...   Details

Foreign direct investment and publicly available information: calculating a country information index

To develop an information index for a specific set of countries using publicly available information in news reports. This index will then be used to empirically assess the role of public...   Details

Functional range of motion of the wrist joint

The project will provide population norms for functional range of motion of the wrist under varied grasping and pinching tasks common in daily living activities as well as in workplaces.The objective...   Details

GABA(A) Receptor Research

The objective of this research is to determine the expression of different GABA(A) receptor subunits in the mouse lung. This in turn will enable the use of subtype-selective modulators of the GABA(A)...   Details

Gas turbine engine study

It is well-known that gas turbines are quite effective in topics such as power generation in industrial power plants, as well as in aerospace technologies, such as rocket and jet propulsion. Though...   Details

Genetic Studies to Understand How Bacteria Move over Surfaces

Bacterial mutants with defects in ability to crawl over surfaces will be analyzed using genetic, molecular biological, and microscopic techniques in order to understand the mechanism of cell movement...   Details

German Breweries of Milwaukee

Last year UWM undergraduates explored the German roots of Milwaukee and published the book, German Milwaukee, with Arcadia Publishers. This year I am looking for undergraduates who are interested in...   Details

Get to Know Your Animal Bones

The UWM Zooarchaeology lab analyzes animal bones from archaeological sites. To do this we need to maintain and expand our comparative osteological collections - our library of bones. We are...   Details

Green Innovation in the Electricity Sector

Global efforts to reduce carbon emissions have received worldwide attention in light of the recent Conferences of the Parties (COP) in Paris at the end of 2015. For decades, an increasing number of...   Details


"Grow" is a system of interconnected organic volumes simulating a self-propagating organism in multiple stages of development that utilizes reused plastic bags as base material. The layers of plastic...   Details

Hand grip rehabilitation for people with disability

The goal of our research is 1) to develop interventions to improve hand function for people with disability; and 2) to understand neurologic and biomechanical mechanisms underlying their difficulties...   Details

Harvesting Wave Energy From Lake Michigan

The project's objective is to transform Lake Michigan's shoreline wave energy into transmittable electric power. The wave energy harvesting machines original idea and an initial prototype were...   Details

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention: The Journey Begins with a Single Step

The feet have been described as the mirror of a persons general health. Hundreds of reports have been published that address issues associated with the the impact of chronic diseases on the feet,...   Details

Health, Physical Activity, and Motor Function in Older Adults

Objective of the project: To assess the relationship of physical activity and sedentary behavior between physical function, endothelial function, metabolic and cardiovascular biomarkers, bone health,...   Details

Healthier Birth Outcomes Project

The purpose of this birthing project, modelled after the Birthing Project USA, is to pilot a psychosocial intervention tailored for pregnant African American women living Milwaukee, Wisconsin to...   Details

Healthy Birth Outcomes for At-Risk Women

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the impact of programs such as Birthing Project USA, Centering Pregnancy, Prenatal Care Coordination to improve pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes in a...   Details

Healthy Day Cares

Evaluate the effectiveness of the "Healthy Day Cares" initiative, of the Westlawn Partnership for a Healthier Environment: A Level II CARE (Community Action for a Renewed Environment) Cooperative...   Details

Heart Rate Variability, Respiration, and Self-reported Affect During Relaxation

The objective of the study is to determine if relaxation, goal-oriented behaviors, and motor movements influence parasympathetic control over heart rate variability. The results of the study may...   Details

Heat Treatment for Development of Ductile FRP Composites

Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites have gained widespread use in civil, mechanical, and aerospace applications. However, a major drawback of FRP materials is (unlike steel and aluminum, &) is...   Details

Heat transfer enhancement using a novel structure in thermal management system of battery energy storage

The goal of the project is to improve the heat transfer performance of the thermal management system for Lithium-ion battery systems. Batteries have an optimum temperature range for peak performance,...   Details

Her Stories: Daytime Soap Opera and US Television History

The daytime soap opera has been a popular and persistent form of U.S. television programming throughout the medium's history. This book project examines the genre as central to US TV history and to...   Details

High-Speed Microscope Observations of Feeding Biomechanics in Zooplankton

For planktonic animals living in the oceans one part in 10,000,000 parts of water is food. How does a typical zooplankter separate the food from the water without losing the particle of food?...   Details

High-rate germanium yolk-shell nanoparticle anode for Li-ion battery with long cycle life and ultrahigh capacity

This project is aimed at developing high performance anode materials for lithium-ion battery to achieve a clean and sustainable strategy for energy storage. The objective of our studies is to develop...   Details

Home Activity Database and Modeling

The prupose of this project is to collect home activity data to create a database to be used in the development of a home activity modeling and prediction tool using smartphone technology. In home...   Details

How Self-Selected Activities Affect Daily Blood Pressure and Moods

This project will assess 1) if engagement in self-selected activities improves ensuing daytime and nighttime cardiovascular and affective responses and 2) if low scores on psychological risk factors...   Details

How psychosocial stress affects sleep and the physical body

My project involves collecting and analyzing survey and physiological data related to stress physiology, health disparities, and potential solutions to those disparities. For instance, I am examining...   Details

Human Helicase Detection of Viral RNA

My lab is presently interested in how the human innate immune system detects RNA viruses (like HCV). We are developing assays to study the interaction of human proteins that search RNA for pathogen...   Details

Hybrid Nanomaterials for Gas Sensors

The objective of this project is to synthesize various (SnO2, Ag) nanoparticles using a mini-arc plasma reactor and to assemble the aerosol nanoparticles onto carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for sensor...   Details

Hydroturbine Research

Over 70% of the 84,000 dams in the U.S. will soon be older than 50 years and at or near the end of the their designated life cycle. This project contributes adding additional renewable energy sources...   Details

Identifying allostatic load in African American childbearing women in an electronic health system

Using the stepwise approach proposed for this study will result in an evidence-based construct for allostatic load. The results will inform the development of a method for determining a valid...   Details

Identifying the molecular mechanisms through which sex steroid hormones enhance memory

The objectives of this study are to identify the neurobiological mechanisms in the brain through which sex steroid hormones enhance memory. The project will use female mice to examine which...   Details

Imaging of Protein Interactions Using Forster Resonance Energy Transfer and Laser Scanning Microscopy

1. Genetic methods are used to express proteins of interest in living cells with fluorescent tags attached to them 2. The cells are observed by using nonlinear optical (two-photon) microscopes 3....   Details

Impact of Marijuana on Amygdala Volumes in Young Adults.

Alcohol and marijuana (MJ) are the most commonly used drugs in adoelscents and young adults. It is relatively unknown how adolescent drug use affects affective processing or frontolimbic...   Details

Impact of Various Psychological Factors on Rehabilitation Outcomes among Patients with Lumbar Disorders

Presence of various psychological variables, such as depression, somatization and fear-of-pain, have been individually shown to result in poor rehabilitation outcomes among people with various low...   Details

Impacts of nanoparticles on freshwater organisms

Investigation of the potential environmental impacts of this new emerging contaminant that is being used in everything from sunscreens to sporting equipment. Examine interaction of a variety of...   Details

Implicit and Explicit Personality and Their Relationship With Well-Being and Psychopathology

The Self-Esteem Implicit Association Test examines attributions about the self that are not conscious by examining how quickly we categorize self-positive word pairs (me-candy) compared to...   Details

Implicit learning in individuals with poor reading and /or poor attention & Student adjustment to college affected by mood disorder, and/or ADHD

The project is an analogue study that looks at high and low reading skills in college students to see if implicit learning performance varies between those groups. The design is a...   Details

Improvement in hydro-turbine energy transferring

Hydro energy is one of the important renewable sources of the energy for 21st century. This project focuses mainly on the turbine blade design for residential hydro turbines. The project will...   Details

Incorporation of clinical ultrasound array for thermoacoustic imaging with VHF and particle beam excitation

The Patch lab will be in transition during summer 2013. We will incorporate a clinical transducer array and research-friendly ultrasound system into the current ex vivo thermoacoustic computed...   Details

Influence of musculoskeletal disorders on force variability

Muscle force is less variable during maximal than submaximal grips lasting 1-2 sec as less sensory feedback is required during maximal grips. However, it is unknown how muscular fatigue during...   Details

Influence of pain, fear-of-pain, depression, and somatization on functional status outcomes among patients with lumbar spine impairments seeking outpatient rehabilitation

With regards to emotional and psychological conditions, self-reports are being used extensively in clinical practice. While it seems intuitive that functional outcomes should be related to a...   Details

Influences of Recognition on Direct and Indirect Measures of Memory

Malingering, the exaggeration of symptoms for secondary gain, is a serious threat to neuropsychological practice and diagnosis validity, as well as a drain on mental health funding. Performance...   Details

Insights into the localization and activation of transcription factor HAC1

The unfolded protein response (UPR) is a cellular stress response. The UPR is induced in response to an accumulation of unfolded proteins in the lumen of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the induction...   Details

Integration of Self-Healing Materials and Structural Health Monitoring

The student will be developing sparse fiber reinforced polymer composites using shape memory materials as the fibers with the goals of enabling self-healing in the specimens and generating closing...   Details

Integration of hearing aids and cochlear implants with an Internet-based computing platform.

Our long-term goal is to develop an Internet-based computing platform to improve speech perception in noise by hearing aids users and cochlear implants listeners. Toward this end, the objective of...   Details

Intelligent Control and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plants by Integrating Smart Grid Technologies

The major objective of this undergraduate research project is to integrate the emerging smart grid technologies into the contemporary wastewater treatment plants by developing more cost-effective...   Details

Interactive Multimedia Spanish Exercise Bank

The Online Spanish Activity Bank Project aims to create a comprehensive activity bank consisting of two parts: 1) grammar activity bank and 2) culture activity bank. The grammar activity bank will...   Details

Interpreting Immigrant Cultural Landscapes

This project examines the physical and social worlds of South Asian immigrants in Chicago. In order to understand these worlds, we are conducting interviews with immigrants and their first generation...   Details

Intrauterine and perinatal Bisphenol A exposure and neonatal body composition

Our overall hypothesis is that early life human exposure to a specific environmental obesogen bisphenol A (BPA), increases body fat and the risk of obesity. Funding success will necessitate...   Details

Introduction to the Sympton Experience of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

My area of research addresses the symptom experiences of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer, with a focus on developing interventions related to physical activity promotion for this...   Details

Investigation of Altered Pinch Grip Following Stroke

The objective of this research is to have an understanding of how stroke survivors are effected by their ability to pinch objects. The methodology will include investigating the pinch strengths...   Details

Investigation of Apparent Elimination of Geochemical Whiting

Lake Michigan is experiencing ecosystem-level alterations through invasive species establishment and regional climate change effects. Time-series studies have revealed disturbance of geochemical...   Details

Isolation and Growth of Lake Michigan Diatom Phytoplankton: Ammonium vs Nitrate

Lake Michigan food webs depend upon the sunlight-driven growth or primarily unicellular phytoplankton suspended in the water. In recent years the water column has changed dramatically, with light...   Details

Japanese American WWII Confinement: A Cinematic Digital History Project

The proposed project will consist of five short narrative films and an in-depth educational website. Each film will be developed by drawing on first-person accounts of former internees, as well as...   Details

Kaplan Hydroturbine Prototype Project

This project is aimed to develop a prototype of a Kaplan hydroturbine in the laboratory. The student will work on designing, developing, and constructing the closed loop of a hydroturbine unit.   Details

Lake Effect Production Assistant

WUWM 89.7 FM - Milwaukee Public Radio has served as southeastern Wisconsin's premiere listener-supported public radio source providing quality news, public affairs and entertainment programming since...   Details

Lake Michigan EcoSystem Research

Lake Michigan is experiencing ecosystem-level alterations through invasive species establishment and regional climate change effects. Time-series studies in the Cuhel-Aguilar labs have revealed...   Details

Lake Michigan Plankton Dynamics: Layers of Layers

The principal objective is to identify characteristics of water chemistry in Lake Michigan that define responses to the onset of summer stratification during warming and stabilization in June-July....   Details

Land Rich/House Poor

This is a work in development and focuses on the documentation about a rural community in a rural community in Charleston, South Carolina. The project is comprised of multi-media elements that...   Details

Last of the Lawsonomists - Archival Research for a Historical Documentary

I am working on an independent documentary about the last follower of Lawsonomy, a religion formed by forgotten aviation pioneer Alfred Lawson. After Lawsons death in 1954, a small band of...   Details

Latino/a Voices in Southeastern Wisconsin

The research project has the primary goal of allowing students to investigate prominent Latinos and Latinas in the area who have made their mark in education, business, the arts, and...   Details

Layered MXene as a firm host for lithium metal anodes with ultrahigh and stable capacity

This project is with the aim to develop a new type of anode materials for future high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries. The specific objective of this research is to exploit a layered Li-MXene...   Details

Learning from the Ordinary: Picturing Milwaukee's Vernacular Architecture

Learning from the Ordinary is a 2-year-long architectural research project that has emerged from the Picturing Milwaukee participatory action-research public history project. This project adds to the...   Details

Local Elections in America Project (LEAP)

The Local Elections in America Project (LEAP) has two goals. The first is the creation of a software application that develops the first national local elections database in the US. To supplement...   Details

Localization and spectroscopy of nanoscale emitters in microfluidic channels

The student will do research directed at the localization and characterization of fluorescent nanoscale objects and single molecules in solution inside microfluidic devices developed for this purpose...   Details

Long Distance Dating Communication

The majority of college students experience long distance relationships, and they are still an understudied phenomenon. This study explores various aspects of these relationships, including social...   Details

MRI/fMRI Epilepsy Research

The objectives for this project are as follows: continue brain-imaging programming for the purpose of generating an analysis from epileptic brain scans, analyze the collected brain scans from...   Details

Management and Analysis of Health Care Interview Data

The data base consists of many hundreds of personal interviews on topics of health care organization, delivery and policy since 1975. The data focus on the adoption of new technologies in medical...   Details

Manipulation and Spectroscopy of Nanoscale Emitters

This research aims at trapping nanoscale objects and even single molecules in solution using an electrostatic trap developed in my research group. The ability to manipulate objects at the nanometer...   Details

Mapping the Migration of Gestures: Locating the Body in Digital Encounters in Dance, New Media, and Installation Performance

My long-term project, Translating Metaphor Through Embodiment, will narrow in on the reciprocal nature of the body and environment within interdisciplinary practices and new media collaborations. A...   Details

Market versus government

A student could benefit through participation in this research on the overlapping boundaries of economics and political philosophy.   Details

Material Sustainability

Primary objective is to map locations of material resources that relate to the construction, maintenance, and operation of buildings (residential and commercial), and develop a web accessible...   Details

Mathematical Modeling of Drug Delivery in the Brain Vascular System

Many drugs are administered to the major transport organ of the body, the blood. Dissolved in the plasma, they have to cross the endothelial cells that line the capillaries. In contrast to other...   Details

Matlab Research

Matlab is a "model based design" computer language, that is very powerful for algorithm development and verfication, but not fast. Over 1,000,000 engineers and scientists use Matlab. Matlab...   Details

Measure of Cortical Inhibition Modulated by Task Requirement

This study will measure cortical inhibition by measuring muscle activities (EMG) upon application of transcranial magnetic stimulation on the cortex of a person. We will investigate whether the...   Details

Measuring American Buddhism

The objective is to construct a quantitative portrait of Buddhism in the United States. The approach will be to compile data from published sources and to collect membership figures from Buddhist...   Details

Measuring Static and Dynamic Power Grip Strength

This pilor project will demonstrate maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) differences between static and dynamic power grip exertions. MVC for static grip strength is widely reported; hwoever, many...   Details

Measuring the permeability of swelling porous media made from superabsorbent polymers

The objective is to conduct flow experiments in swelling porous media, which are made from superabsorbent (SAP) polymer granules and fibers. Such porous media have an ability to absorb incredible...   Details

Mechanism by which apoaequorin protects neurons from an ischemic stroke

Ischemia (stroke) causes excess calcium levels, which kills neurons. We demonstrated that the calcium binding protein apoaequorin (AQ) protects neurons from ischemic cell death. Furthermore, we...   Details

Mechanisms Underlying Perception of Speech

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of speech perception through the presentation of carefully constructed and/or modified speech stimuli to human research participants. Volunteers are asked...   Details

Mechanisms of Aging Related Extinction Deficits

The purpose of this project is to determine the neurobiological changes that are responsible for aging related cognitive decline. Adult, middle aged, and aged rats will be trained to assess cognitive...   Details

Mechanisms of bacterial-host interactions

The objective of this research is to determine the role of bacterial nutrient metabolism in its interaction with house plants. Bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella are major food-borne pathogens....   Details

Media Ecology Project with Domitor and Library of Congress Paper Prints Collection Pilot Study The historically significant Paper Print collection at The Library of Congress is the equivalent of the Rosetta Stone for those who study moving image...   Details

Microfluidic Device Engineering

Microfluidics deals with the behavior, manipulation, and precise control of fluids at the microscopic level. It is a multi-disciplinary field that combines engineering, chemistry, physics,...   Details

Microfluidic Devices with Zooplankton

The objective of the study is to study the effect of artificial and natural structures embedded in microchannel on the surrounding fluid. For this, part of water-born copepod zooplankton will be...   Details

Microfluidic Devices with Zooplankton

The objective of the study is to study the effect of artificial and natural structures embedded in microchannel on the surrounding fluid. For this, part of water-born copepod zooplankton will be...   Details

Microfluidics and Planktonic Animals

Modern trends in engineering include designing machines so tiny that these machines (1) can be incorporated into bodies and (2) can handle minute amounts of fluids. Planktonic animals have fulfilled...   Details

Migration of Invisible Narratives  Continuous Bodies & Translated Stories in Dance and New Media Installation

My interdisciplinary project, Migration of Invisible Narratives, explores the reciprocal nature of the body and environment within choreographic and new media collaborations. My collaboration with...   Details

Migration, Rural Gentrification and Policy Responses in Rocky Mountains Region

In the 1990s, the Rocky Mountain region has become a trendy place to live, prompting the fastest rate of growth in the nation. Such growth has occurred in part from the migration of population from...   Details

Military family communication in the post "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and DOMA era: Talking about LGBT experiences, grief, and sex

For this project I wish to explore the communicative experiences (their challenges of deployment, grief, and intimate communication) of military families (opposite sex couples, same sex couples,...   Details

Milwaukee Contemporary Craft Network - a web-based resource for area makers

Milwaukee is a community that strongly supports the Arts and offers many resources to gallery-focused Fine Artists. The Milwaukee Contemporary Craft Network project seeks to establish a centralized...   Details

Milwaukee Road/Rail- taking research to performance creation

Milwaukee/Road and Rail will research and then create performances based on popular musics development. These performances are intended to preserve history. They may inspire public debate. What is...   Details

Milwaukee Young Parenthood Study

The Milwaukee Young Parenthood Study (MYPS) is seeking research assistants to work on a study of teen parenthood.   Details

Mineralogical and Geochemical Effects of Hydrothermal Alteration

The objectives of the proposed research are to determine how basalt alters under acid-sulfate hydrothermal conditions, from both a mineralogical and a geochemical perspective. This is important,...   Details

Minority Perceptions of the Professional Writing Curriculum

My primary objective is to investigate how minority students perceive professional writing courses and the professional writing program at UWM. I am especially interested in whether they feel...   Details

Models of Open Access to Peer-Reviewed Research: Cross-Continental Comparison

Open access (OA) is a multifaceted concept that is broadly defined as "removing all access barriers to information". OA movement officially started in the U.S. during the first decade of the 21st...   Details

Modification of Interpretive Biases in Pediatric Social Anxiety Disorder

A substantial number of children with social anxiety fail to gain benefit from contemporary cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) approaches. More novel treatment approaches for treatment of social...   Details

Moral Guardians and Mass Communication: The Pre-History of Media Rights and Responsibilities

The project is historical research for a book on how "Puritan," "Victorian," and "Progressive" standards for mass communication were proposed and opposed during the nineteenth and twentieth...   Details

Motion Analysis of Persons with Spinal Cord Injury Using Geared Wheels for Mobility

The objective of this project is to evaluate persons with spinal cord injury using geared wheelchair wheels for mobility. Up to three subjects will be assessed using motion analysis methods,...   Details

Multi-Scale Computational Model Development for Drug Delivery Kinetics and Mechanical Behavior of Drug-Coated Balloon (DCB) Medical Devices

The objectives of this project is to study the complicated drug release kinetics and mechanical behaviors in drug-coated balloon (DCB) products mounted on catheters. DCB has emerged in recent years...   Details

Multi-Scale Modeling Of The Pharmaco-Mechanical Behaviors Of Drug-Eluting Stent (DES) Medical Devices

The objective of the project is to study the mechanism of thrombosis/restenosis (i.e., narrowing of arterial wall) and to develop a robust model to predict coupled pharmaco-mechanical behaviors in...   Details

Multi-­functional polymeric composites with self-­clean, de-­ice properties/Heavy metal removal properties for industrial application

We are going to continue the project of develop a 3D nanostructured self-­cleaning coating using versatile 0D or 1D nanomaterials creating superhydrophobic surface and this research will be focused...   Details

Multidimensional Cultural Identity: Southeast Asian Youth

We are all exposed to multiple ethnic cultures daily, whether they are associated with the ethnic group(s) we belong to or those of other groups. In the next part of this study, we will be examining...   Details

Muscle activity during free-living conditions in older adults

The first goal is to continue to validate a portable EMG unit (microEMG, OT Bioelectronica) as a useful research tool to quantify long term physical activity through muscle activation. Secondly, we...   Details


Research in our group centers on synthesis and assembly of nanoparticles for advanced technological device applications. Plasmas or partially ionized gases serve as tools for producing nanoparticles....   Details

Natural oils: a green alternative for the extraction of dyestuffs from wastewater

Of the major classes of water pollutants, dyestuffs have proven to be especially problematic, both in terms of the quantities released to the environment and the difficulties involved in their...   Details

Neurological Sequelae and Effective Prevention of the choking Game

The Choking Game is the commonly used term for asphyxial activities frequently engaged in by young adolescents in the US and other western countries. There are various techniques used to cause the...   Details

Neuroprotective Effects of Apoaequorin

Calcium is elemental to multiple neuronal processes, playing roles in learning and memory as well as cellular maintenance mechanisms. Despite its necessity for daily neuronal functioning, excessive...   Details

Ni de Aquí ni de allá (UMOS Mural Project)

Ni de Aqui ni de Alla/ from neither Here nor There, is an ongoing art and research project that consists of interviewing Latino immigrants on Milwaukee's south side, transcribing and translating the...   Details

Ninaandagikenimaanaanig Zaagigiig: A survey of current plant use by Wisconsin Ojibwe tribes

The objective of this project is to determine the level of natural plant use among Ojibwe communities today. Huron Smith, Frances Densmore, and GLIFWC have compiled Catalogs of plants used by Ojibwe...   Details

Oneota Indian Lifeways in Southern Wisconsin

The objective of the study is to understand the subsistence and technology of Oneota people, who live in Wisconsin circa AD 1200-1400. The methodology is the analysis of flotation recovered material...   Details

Online Foreign Language Learning

WWW.AFRIKAANS.US is now in the second year of research with 5,500 visitors per month. I am doing cutting edge research in asynchronous language acquisition. Objectives: The current focus is on...   Details

Online Learning Tools for the Visually Handicapped

Blind users of the internet depend on screen readers. Web-based tools for learning designed for sighted learners do not optimally serve the blind user context. This research develops a design to...   Details

Optical Imaging And Spectroscopy Of Biological Tissue

Projects in Biophotonics lab is a combination of different sets of disciplines from electronics to optics and applications in biology. The lab is dedicated to conduct research in three areas: 1)...   Details

Optimal Management of Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources in Microgrids

Microgrid is an emerging technology which is able to improve the power supply reliability and increase the power grid resiliency. To achive these goals, it is crucial to effectively manage the...   Details

Optimizing Production-scale Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Recirculating aquaculture has become a major goal for UWM-enhanced entrepreneurship. Not everything is yet known about the strengths and weaknesses of these systems, but opportunity exists at the...   Details

Origin Stories of Worldview about Race

The purpose of this qualitative critical ethnographic study, informed by feminist epistemology, is to gain insight into how young people's worldviews about people different from themselves are...   Details

Our Orphan Train

Our Orphan Train is a research project that seeks to support inquiry into the best practices of oral history research and performance and devising new works of historical theatre. It assembles an...   Details

PICTURING MILWAUKEE: Hmong American Refugees of Washington Park

Picturing Milwaukee is a action-research public history project that explores local neighborhoods. Currently we are studying the architecture, heritage, and multicultural histories of Washington Park...   Details

PSF of Optical Systems and Deconvolution

The objective of this project is to experimentally determine the PSF/OTF of an optical system and use that information to reduce the distortion effects of different images.   Details

PTSD Conditioning Research

This is a project examining trait anxiety, a known risk factor for developing anxiety disorders, and how trait anxiety is associated with hypervigilant orientation of attention to threat cues. This...   Details

ParP and Pch Research

ParP and Pch: interactions and role in chemotaxis localization. The goal of this project is to contribute to our understanding of how partioning proteins affect the localization of chemotaxis systems...   Details

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is a common overuse injury of the anterior knee leading to pain during physical activity. Exercise therapy, particularly quadriceps (thigh) strengthening, is...   Details

Patient-Delivered Partner Therapy: Biomedical and Behavioral Science Intervention for a Community-Based Public Health STI Clinic

The development of advanced interventions to promote partner notification and treatment of bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) remains a priority to reduce repeat infection for...   Details

Perception Of Spectral Transition In Hearing Aids Users And Cochlear Implant Listeners.

We will examine the relationship between dynamic spectral features and the identification of English syllables by normal-hearing subjects and hearing-impaired listeners. We will conduct perceptual...   Details

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

What are the impacts of drugs and other personal care products on freshwater organisms? These chemicals are released from our sewage treatment plants and agricultural practices but we do not know the...   Details

Phenological Observations in Downer Woods

This project is recording ground-based visual assessments of the spring and autumn phenological development of about 100 marked trees in Downer Woods, continuing a collection series that started in...   Details

Phosphorus Immobilization by Macroscopic Lake Michigan Organisms

The student will bring two related but distinct projects into development. Both are concerned with phosphorus-immobilizing biological processes in Lake Michigan. The student will conclude his/her...   Details

Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to Fuels by Novel Nanocomposite Photocatalysts

The project objective is to fabricate novel nanostructured photocatalysts so that we can efficiently use sunlight to photochemically convert CO2, a greenhouse gas, to useful fuels such as methane and...   Details

Picturing Milwaukee: Conserving Local Heritage

Picturing Milwaukee is a participatory action-research project that explores history and heritage of local neighborhoods. The specific objective of this project is to 1) encourage community based...   Details

Picturing Milwaukee: Façades and Thresholds of the Martin Drive Neighborhood

Picturing Milwaukee is a public history project that explores the culture of local neighborhoods. Currently we are studying the architecture, heritage, and histories of the Martin Drive East, a 20th...   Details

Pillow Talk: A Portable Pneumatic Seminar Space

This project will explore pneumatic architecture with a focused interest in the research, design, and development of a mobile and adaptable enclosure exploring issues of structure, form, and thermal...   Details

Pilot Testing of Decision Coaching Protocol for Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

The overall goal of this project is to develop decision aids and a coaching protocol to guide family caregivers making medical decisions for their relatives at the end of life. For most patients with...   Details

Pneumatic Research 3.0

"Pneumatic Research 3.0" continues to explore my research on pneumatic architecture, but this time with a focused interest in the fabrication of lightweight, durable, and high-performance inflatable...   Details

Politics and Possibilities of India-U.S.A Outsourcing Jobs

This research explores communication about the U.S.A-India job outsourcing issue. Specific sources of data include media communication such as stories in the newspaper, chatroom exchanges, electronic...   Details

Polygalacturonate-modulated Regulators for T3SS Gene Expression

Objectives: 1. Identify the polygalacturonate-modulated regulators for T3SS gene expression. 2. Investigate the gene-expression pattern between two different genes in one bacterial strain using a...   Details

Polyurethane Separator Membranes for Li-Ion batteries applications

The goal of the project is to synthesize polyurethane (PU) film membranes with high strength and permeability for Li-Ion batteries applications. The film membranes will be designed to possess...   Details

Population mortality of invasive quagga mussels using the dead shell index

Quagga mussel invasion of Lake Michigan has reached a climax point. This research will develop a new index of population development and assess changes occurring during the first year of population...   Details

Portrait Landscapes: Amplifying Identity by Combining New and Traditional Media

Portrait Landscapes continues a series of collaborations with Jessica Meunick-Ganger, where we mount traditional prints and drawings to LCD screens and media players, making "moving images on paper."...   Details

Pre-Operative Versus Post-Operative Muscle Activation of the Biceps Following Rotator Cuff Repair

The overall goal of this study is to identify compensatory upper extremity joint motions and muscle recruitment patterns used before repair and during post-operative recovery employing a novel...   Details

Prehistoric Artifact Preparation and Analysis

To provide the student with an understanding of laboratory techniques used by archaeologists. The processing of soil samples for fine-scale recovery of stone tools, flakes, ceramics, animal bone and...   Details

Program Evaluation of UWM TRIO & Pre-College Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of the programs and educational interventions provided by the UWM TRIO & Pre-College Programs (TPP) offered at the University of...   Details

Project Central Voice: The Social Service Delivery Systems Impact on Milwaukee's African American Community

This study is focused on identifying how organizational leaders and African American residents view the delivery of community services in predominantly African American neighborhoods in Milwaukee....   Details

Project Connect: Adapting PCIT to Foster Care

Young foster children are at a high risk of externalizing problems, including aggression, hyperactivity, and disruptive behavior. Among the early childhood interventions designed to mitigate...   Details

Projects in Photography and Film

2. I am engaged in an active program of exhibition, publication, and archival work for which I need able and widely skilled studio support. This part of my research involves a good deal of computer...   Details

Promoting Health and Wellness among New Immigrants: Outreach to Veiled Women and Families

Accultuation and religion have been should to significantly impact breast awareness and screening among devote women of faith with the United States and worldwide. The goal of this project is to...   Details

Protective Life Span of Knee Pads under Dynamic Loading

This is a continuation of the students undergraduate research project. The first phase reviewed static loading of knee pads, made local industry contacts to identify commonly used knee pads, and...   Details

Protoacoustic Range Verification - Phantom Development

The student will spend most of their time characterizing wave propagation around acoustic scatterers and then embedding appropriate scatterers into tissue mimicking material as s/he fabricates more...   Details

Psychmine (Psychometrics and Data Mining in Marketing) laboratory

Do you have strong computing and math skills? Do you know the difference between a tweet and a twit? Are you interested in how online social friendships influence purchase behavior? Would you like...   Details

Psychophysiological and Neuroimaging Studies of Anxiety

A project examining how unpredictable threat increases state anxiety. This project is the first to directly compare the degree of anxiety elicited by two types of uncertainty: uncertainty as to when...   Details

Psychosocial Adjustment following Special Needs Adoption

This project involves working with data collected during a statewide survey of parents who had adopted special needs children approximately 2 years after the adoptions were finalized. The children...   Details

Purification and Expression of RIG-I and MDA-5 fusion proteins from E.coli

Positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses, like the one that causes hepatitis C (HCV), all encode an NS3 protein, which is both a protease and a helicase. The HCV NS3 protease cleaves both the viral...   Details

Purification and characterization of the enzyme octaheme tetrathionate reductase

We are interested in the enzymes that some bacteria use to catalyze ammonia-nitrite interconversion, an ecologically important process. Nitrite reduction to ammonia is normally carried out by...   Details

Putin's Russia: The Relationship Between the President and the People Through Media

Since 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken part in an annual call-in television broadcast  called Priamaia Liniia C Vladimirom Putinym  during which he listens to and answers...   Details

RETRACTION interactive installation project / ongoing Archiving project

RETRACTION is a multimedia narrative environment comprised of several video and sound-equipped rooms connected by closed doors, that involves viewer engagement with fictional characters. RETRACTION...   Details

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Scanning in the production of Art

The field of Metalsmithing has a long tradition of functional jewelry, adornment, and utilitarian objects. In my research I have been interested in exploring the social implications of modern...   Details

Re-Examining Successful Brain Imaging Experiments With Improved Methods: Mining Existing fMRI Data Repositories

Brain Imaging data collected using funds from a federal agency (NIH, NSF) is required to submit all of their data and demographics to public repositories. Tens of thousands of successful experiments...   Details

Real-Time Image Processing Assisted Finite Element Analysis Of Vascular Implants

Self-expanding nitinol stents are used to treat peripheral artery disease. The stented arteries are subjected to a combination of mechanical forces, such as compression, torsion, bending, and...   Details

Regulation of Chitinase Activity in Pitcher Plant Microbial Ecosystems

Carnivorous pitcher plants capture insect prey, which is broken down, and the nutrients released are taken up by the plant to overcome inadequate soil nutrients. This project is part of a larger...   Details

Requirement of PilJ periplasmic domain for regulation of twitching motility and cAMP in P. aeruginosa.

1. Created a truncated form of pilJ, which lacks the periplasmic domain. 2. Used homolgous recombination to replace the chromosomal copy of full length pilJ with the truncated version. After...   Details

Research Participant Registry

The Center for Aging & Translational Research is looking for a student with good interpersonal and communications skills to help build a Research Participant Registry database. This database will be...   Details

Research Project in Biophysics

We are looking for a motivated student, with intended major in Biological Sciences, who is interested in gaining some skills in molecular biology and protein expression. Our lab is located in KEN...   Details

Research in Child Health Psychology

The Patient Controlled Analgesia study is an excellent example of translational research in medicine and psychology. A primary manufacturer of these machines recently added a light to the machine...   Details

Research in Pediatric Psychology

This project manages all of the objective clinical data collected at families' first visit to the Chronic Pain and Headache Center at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. It collects parallel data...   Details

Research in the Child Neurodevelopment Research Lab

In the Child Neurodevelopment Research Lab we study the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular focus on children with identified...   Details

Revegetation of small-scale disturbances in prairies and oldfields at the Field Station

Small-scale disturbances in plant communities create open patches that may allow new species to invade. We are investigating to what extent open patches in existing old-field vegetation favor the...   Details

Revitalizing the Archives

This project would involve learning about the American Indian Nations of Wisconsin and working with the Electa Quinney Institute and the American Indian Program to review existing American Indian...   Details

Rotating Blade Research

Rotating blade research of how speed is influenced on a pusher propeller on Military Helicopter S-97.   Details

Sandbag Exercise - Physiological Responses

In recent years, the exercise and fitness industry has witnessed a growth in the number of different exercise modalities available for resistance training. One of those newer modalities is "Sandbag...   Details

Self Affirmation on Emotion

In this research project, all participants will complete both self-affirmation and control writing exercises followed by affect manipulation. Not many studies have used direct manipulation of...   Details

Self-Healing Materials and Coatings

Corrosion, wear, and cracking limit the service life of components in contact with water. Increasing corrosion, wear, and cracking resistance over long term extending the life of the components will...   Details

Sensors for the Birds

Within the Milwaukee area thousands of bird deaths are directly linked to the usage of glass within building facades, significantly effecting local and regional ecological systems. In the fall of...   Details

Setup and Signal Development of Ultrasonic Structural Health Monitoring Systems

The Student will work with a team to assemble and test a basic Structural Health Monitoring system and new actuation signals. This system will consist of sensors, wiring, a structural specimen,...   Details

Severe Behavor Intervention

Childhood non-complaince is one of the most common childhood problems resulting in referral for professional services among children with and without developmental disabilities. Interventions...   Details

Sexual communication in treehoppers

This project will describe female preferences for male mating signals in treehoppers. (Treehoppers are plant-feeding insects that communicate with vibrational signals transmitted through plant...   Details

Sheltering Barriers to Post-seconday Health Care Education in the Zos Vib Nais, a Milwaukee Hmong Community

By comparison, the Hmong ethnic group have some of the lowest bachelors degree attainment rates with other racial & ethnic groups. We suspect that cultural and socio-economic factors constitute...   Details

Shewanella oneidensis mutants with altered manganese oxidation abilities

The objective of the project is to identify genes that are involved in manganese oxidation by the bacterium Shewanella oneidensis. The student will isolate mutants generated using transposons, and...   Details

Shipwrecked! Intergenerational Arts Adventure

SHIPWRECKED is a series of participatory arts events exploring the costs of physical and social isolation on individuals and communities as we age. The project is a collaboration between UWMs...   Details

Side ways glancing: perspectival video sculpture

For "Side ways glancing: perspectival video sculpture," we plan to shoot ecological media - video of movements in nature, such as butterflies, water flowing, leaves in the wind - mediated by...   Details

Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Immune Responses (3-Credit Course))

The focus of this project is to better understand the nature of protective immune responses to simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIV) in primates, looking for clues to protective immunity in humans...   Details

Size spectra and chemical characteristics of natural organic matter in Lake Michigan

Abundance, distribution, size spectra and chemical characteristics of natural dissolved organic matter will be examine using newly purchased state of the art analytical instrument, asymmetrical flow...   Details

Small molecule inhibitors of type III secretion in Erwinia amylovora

Objective: Evaluate the inhibitory effects and determine the regulatory mechanisms of the newly synthesized compounds against T3SS. To date, along with 43 commercially available phenolic...   Details

Social Justice in a Global Environment

To develop a conceptual framework and analytical orientation that can be used to attain social justice globally   Details

Social Networking Community for the German Program

In this collaborative pilot project between the German program and the Language Resource Center, we will utilize a social networking site Ning to share information on the program events, courses,...   Details

Sociology of Medicine--Teratology Project

Teratology is the subspeciality of medicine dealing with "birth defects." I am doing a social historical research project on how the field has developed and changed over the past century. I am...   Details

Solid rocket motor research

This is an experimental study of a solid rocket engine project, where the student will design and construct a rocket nozzle of gas and liquid fluids. The simulation of alumina melt in a solid rocket...   Details

Sourcing In and Out: The Competitive Position of Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs from Milwaukee

The recent media and political attention on outsourcing from the U.S. keeps hitting a raw nerve of those who fear unwelcome wage and employment effects at home. With this project I plan on...   Details

Steady-state analysis of nitrite reduction by the enzyme ccNiR

We are interested in the enzymes that some bacteria use to catalyze ammonia-nitrite interconversion, an ecologically important process. In the bacterium S. oneidensis, Nitrite reduction to ammonia...   Details

Striving to create healthier birth outcomes through innovative partnerships and sisterhood

The goal of this project, involving the Quality of Life Center and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) College of Nursing, is to pilot a psychosocial intervention tailored for low-income,...   Details

Studies in the Analysis of Pigments in Art Conservation by Development of a Spectroscopic Integrating Sphere.

In this project, the student will develop a novel instrument for use in Art Conservation research. Called an "Integrating Sphere", the instrument is used to study the composition of powdered (solid)...   Details

Studies of Resonance Energy Transfer in Protein Complexes: Determination of Quaternary Structure

The goal of this research is to probe association of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in living cells. GPCRs are important receptors involved in cellular signaling and communication. We use...   Details

Studies of proteins localization and interactions using fluorescence imaging-based methods

The goal of this research is to probe association of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) at the plasma membrane and in internal membranes of living cells. GPCRs are important receptors involved in...   Details

Studio Processes in Metalsmithing

In this project students will be assisting with is the fabrication of a body of artwork that is being created for installation at James Watrous Gallery in Madison Wisconsin, winter of 2013. We will...   Details

Study of image similarity perception

The research group of information retrieval (RGIR) of the School of Information Studies (SOIS) is currently performing research about the perception of image similarity in the context of image...   Details

Studying Electro-Fluidic Interaction Of Biological Cells Using High-Performance Computing (HPC) Algorithms For Graphics Processing Units (GPU) Parallelization

The application of micro scale electromechanics toward the manipulation, characterization, and separation of particles has recently emerged as a strong research area. Due to the prevalence of its...   Details

Superhydrophobic Engineered Cementitious Composites

This research project aims to develop superhydrophobic engineered cementitious composite (ECC) material to replace normal concrete and achieve a service life of 120+ years. The principal objectives...   Details

Surface Alloying of Materials to Prevent Corrosion and Leakage of Water

The project goal is to develop relationships between microstructure, wetting, corrosion, and drag in water components. The work involves synthesizing different microstructures and measuring the...   Details

Survey of Insect Diversity at the UWM Field Station

Conservation of biodiversity requires knowledge of the species that are present. Insects are a large component of biodiversity because of their staggering species richness - more than half of global...   Details

Sweet Grass Project: Ko-Thi Dance Company archives

This project involves preserving 44 years of Ko-Thi Dance Company archives into a touring exhibit entitled 'The Making of an African Dance Company in Wisconsin'.   Details

Synthesis and Characterization of P3HT/PCBM Solar Cells with Copper Oxide and Gold Nanoparticles

The project involves the use of gold and copper oxide nano particles to enhance the power conversion efficiency of P3HT/PCBM polymer solar cells. The copper oxide nano particles are expected to...   Details

Synthesis of 3D Nano-Architecture as a Superhydrophobic Coating

In this project, we aim to develop a 3D anostructured self-cleaning coating using versatile 0D or 1D nanomaterials creating superhydrophobic property which can be transferred on varying flexible...   Details

Synthesis of Metal Matrix Composites Project

The objective of the project is to develop, synthesize, and characterize properties of high performance alloys and metal matrix composites. Samples initially will be synthesized using casting...   Details

Synthesis of ROS-activated anticancer prodrugs with increased sensitivity toward hydrogen peroxide

Our long-term goal is to develop selective anticancer drugs that can specifically kill cancer cells and are less toxic to normal cells. Our initial results showed that a prodrug of nitrogen mustard...   Details

Synthesis of Reversible VDR-coactivator Inhibitors

The objective of this research is the synthesis of VDR-coactivator inhibitors. The methodologies used are techniques of organic chemistry and chemical analysis to characterize all compounds made....   Details

Synthesis of Twelve Designer Compounds Based on the Scaffold of FK228

Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDAC inhibitors) are a class of compounds that have a long history of use in psychiatry and neurology as a treatment option for depression and epilepsy. In recent time...   Details

Synthesis of a photoactivated nitric oxide generator

The long-term goal of this project is to understand the mechanism by which an enzyme called mt-Hemoglobin N (mtHbN) can catalyze the oxidation of nitric oxide (NO) to nitrate by oxygen. The...   Details

Synthesis of aldehydes bearing quaternary carbon centers via the Tsuji-Trost allylation

This project focuses on the field of synthetic methodology, specifically the use of asymmetric catalysis for the creation of molecules bearing quaternary stereocenters (ubiquitous in natural products...   Details

Synthesis of calcitriol and analogs

The objective of this research is the generation of calcitroic acid. The methodology used is chemical synthesis. Calcitroic acid is not commercially available thus we are using a multistep synthesis...   Details

Synthesis of fluorogenic probes for DNA mutation detection

The long-term goal of this problem is to develop methodologies that allow for rapid and accurate analysis of chromosome-based information. We are using a sequence-specific fluorogenic ligation system...   Details

Tapered Optical Fibers, Nonlinear Optics, and Beam Shaping in Multimode Fibers

The primary project will be to construct an optical fiber tapering station, which heats and pulls glass optical fibers from 125 micron diameter down to ~3 microns. Tapered optical fibers are...   Details

Teacher Efficacy Effects On Students

The two main objectives for this research are to:1) identify characteristics of effective teaching and learning and, 2)expose academic /educational outcomes for students in general and, Black male...   Details

The American Geographical Society Library: Sorensen Catalog

The world famous AGS Library, housed in the Golda Meir Library, is one of UWMs greatest scholarly, scientific, and artistic resources. It is currently at work on a project to make its vast and...   Details

The BEEbrane

This project proposes to convert fallen urban tree debris and salvaged wood materials into new homes for Urban Honey Bees. The project takes inspiration from one of the oldest (and most natural)...   Details

The Correlation of Social Ecological Determinants of Health on Mental Health

Objectives: Identify indicators of individual, family, and constructs of community mental health 1. Review the literature related to constructs of community mental health 2. Identify measures...   Details

The Creative Trust

The student will be a Creative Trust Research Assistant. The Creative Trust is piloting several programs to foster life-long learning through the arts. The student will assist with coordinating and...   Details

The Dialect of Wermelskirchen

An analysis of the postvocalic consonants /p t k f s x/ that occur in the dialect of Wermelskirchen, Germany may shed light on the spred of the High German consonant shift that took place between 500...   Details

The Effective Use of Different Types of Fly Ash in Green ASHphalt Pavements

Researchers have extensively investigated the use of by-products such as fly ash in the construction industry to improve the material properties. Fly ash has been used extensively in concrete...   Details

The Effects of Pressure on Behavior of Daphnia Magna/ The Effects of Colloids on the Behavior of Paramecium

The objective of this research is to create three dimensional photographs and videos of daphnia interacting with their liquid environment in order to better understand how daphnia move and how they...   Details

The Emergence and Circulation of Scientific Controversies

Much work in communication and sociology has been concerned with scientific controversies. However, this body of scholarship does not employ any agreed upon definitions of what makes a scientific...   Details

The Exquisite Corpse

Since 2008, nearly 5 million homes have been engulfed by Americas Foreclosure Crisis. In 2010, at its peak, 2.9 million homes suffered foreclosure filings. In 2013, the number was 1.4 million.01...   Details

The Function of Bird Colors

We are studying why many species of birds are brightly colored. We study this question from both proximate (individual) and evolutionary (across many species) perspectives. For this particular...   Details

The Global Twenty-Four Hour Economy

In view of the rise of high-speed data communication links, allowing call-center agents based in India to work online and in real time for corporations based in the United States, this project seeks...   Details

The Mechanisms Responsible for the Eletricity Producing Biofilms formed by Shewanella oneidnsis

The objective of this research project is to identify genes that are involved in biofilm formation in the bacterium Shewanella oneidensis. This bacterium is able to form biofilms on metal oxide...   Details

The Milwaukee County Institution Grounds (MCIG) Cemetery Project

Excavations conducted the Milwaukee County Poor Farm Cemetery or Potters Field on the Milwaukee County Grounds, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin uncovered, documented and removed 987 adult, 568 subadults and...   Details

The Names of the Lost: The (In)Visibility of the Deported, 1945-2013

This project considers the ways that advocates were able to publicize the cases of individual immigrants before 1965. With the rise of the term "illegal alien" after Operation Wetback (1952054) and...   Details

The Origins of the Modern Detective Novel in Spain

One of the basic characteristics of detective fiction in Spain is a criticism of authority (in particular the police and government); obviously, such was not permitted under the dictatorship of...   Details

The Permanent Campaign

This project will track domestic presidential travel to account "political" patterns that reflect electoral considerations. The guiding hypotheses are (1) that presidential travel is predictable on...   Details

The Role of Hippocampally-synthesized Estradiol in Learning and Memory in Female Mice

The objectives of this study are to better understand the role that hippocampally-synthesized estradiol plays in regulating hippocampal learning and memory. The project will use female mice to...   Details

The South African ALS experience: Evidence from family based interviews

This project is the next phase of a pilot study of families affected by ALS/MND in South Africa. Given the lack of information in this area, this project used mixed methods to explore the...   Details

The Structure of Wild-Type Human Renalase in Complex with Catechols

In 2006 Desir et al., discovered a enzyme that is produced in kidney, brain and heart tissue. This enzyme, named renalase, has the ability to lower blood pressure for sustained periods. In vitro data...   Details

The Synthesis of Anti-Cancer Agents from Naproxen

Biologically active aryl compounds are found in the structure of many lifesaving drugs, but are rarely found in usable quantities in nature. Currently most synthetic procedures for these compounds...   Details

The Theory of Sectoral Clashes Revisited

The recent volatility in oil prices has brought into the limelight the importance of the mineral sector in shaping global economic welfare.This project examines the interactions between economics and...   Details

The Tiger Behavior Analysis Research Labratory

My lab is involved in clinical research related to the assessment and treatment of behavior disorders exhibited by children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These disorders include...   Details

The Zuckerberg Files: How Facebook Talks about Privacy

The Zuckerberg Files ( is a digital archive of all public utterances of Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. It includes over 125 full-text transcripts and...   Details

The development of reasoning in early childhood

This project examines the development of generalization: How do children use information they learn in one context (e.g., a classroom) to make broader generalizations? We ask this question by...   Details

The effect of age on force-time curve parameters of isometric grip strength trials

The Force-Time Curve (F-T Curve) Test includes the slopes of force-generation phase and force-decay phase of force-time curve generated when performing a 10-second isometric grip contraction....   Details

The extent of overlap between explicit and implicit visuomotor learning

There is a discrepancy in the neuroscience literature regarding whether adaptation to a novel sensory-motor environment during a goal-directed movement occurs implicitly or explicitly. The objective...   Details

The impact of a museum experience on literacy development in young children

This project looks at the extent to which a museum activity (a scavenger hunt at the Betty Brinn Childrens museum) can impact 1) the literacy skills of young children (2- to 6-year-olds) and, 2)...   Details

The interaction between artificial diets and intestinal microbial communities on Sturgeon health

Decreasing sustainable fisheries and the loss of fish habitat has put a premium on developing aquaculture technologies. Feed optimization is a primary challenge in this process. Recent advances in...   Details

The isotopic signature of nutrient uptake by plants: influence of specific plant-microbe symbioses

Nitrogen (N) is a limiting nutrient for plant growth in terrestrial ecosystems, and as a consequence plants have evolved myriad strategies to gain access to N. The most successful strategies for N...   Details

The molecular basis of thymoquinone protection against beta-amyloid peptide toxicity

Beta-amyloid (Abeta) is central to Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathogenesis. Thymoquinone (TQ) has been shown to reduce Abeta toxicity in cell culture. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms...   Details

The relative roles of competition and facilitation in structuring plant communities

We are looking for a full-time field assistant, from May to late August, 2011. The research project examines how both competition and facilitation operate in plant communities, and at what point each...   Details

Theory Development for the Optimized Hierarchical Microstructures of Composites

The objective of the proposed research is on the robust evaluation, prediction, and identification of the performance of metallic composites. Specifically, we focus on the structural and mechanical...   Details

Thermal Plastic Manufacturing Process with Self-Healing Method

The goal of this project is to find a process to manufacture wind turbine blades that have the potential for extended lifetimes when compared with conventional technology and that are economically...   Details

Thermoacoustic Range Verification  Stoichiometric and Monte Carlo Modeling

Thermoacoustic range verification for particle therapy is a new project for the Patch Lab. Medical physicists develop treatment plans based upon x-ray CT images and a CT number-to-stopping power...   Details

Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of nitrite reduction by the enzyme ccNiR

We are interested in the enzymes that some bacteria use to catalyze ammonia-nitrite interconversion, an ecologically important process. In the bacterium S. oneidensis, Nitrite reduction to ammonia...   Details

Tissue Mimicking Phantoms for Abdominal Proton Therapy Research

This lab has focused research on thermoacoustic imaging. Research has now been expanded to protoacoustic imaging of the Bragg peak (treatment spot) during proton therapy. Proton therapy deposits more...   Details

Top Troll

Top Troll is game art that both critiques and celebrates styles of dialog on internet forums. Here we've analyzed how people behave and what they say when anonymous or using a pseudonym on websites...   Details

Towards Automated Understanding of Health Questions to Create New Conversational Agents

We are doing research to create new text messaging-based automated systems to provide health information and respond to questions. This work involves assessing the information needs of target...   Details

Training Behavioral Activation and Functional Analytic Psythotherapy Online

This project is focused on the online training of psychologists in effective treatments. This project concerned with the use of modern computer technology to make the training of psychologists as...   Details

Transcriptional Analysis of Cytokine Behavior after Administration of Apoaequorin

Calcium plays an integral part in neuronal signaling, in roles such as learning and memory formation and cellular maintenance mechanisms. Although a regulated amount of calcium is necessary for daily...   Details

Transgenic zebrafish as a Tool for Looking at the Effects of Environmental Toxicants on Development

We use gene trapping to create transgenic zebrafish expressing fluorescent proteins in different cells or tissues during developments. The light emitted by the fluorescent protein allows one to...   Details

Treadmill Stepping in Infants with Spina Bifida

Objective 1. Establish stepping trajectories across the first year of life for infants with SB. Objective 2. Determine sensory enhancements that result in increased stepping frequencies for...   Details

Tuning of actuation waveforms for ultrasonic damage detection in thin plates

The ultrasonic waveform actuated is important to damage detection, location, characterization, and quantification. The most common waveform for monitoring of thin plates is a Hann windowed sinusoid...   Details

Understanding Multi-Level Barriers to Physical Activity and Health Behaviors in Older Adults

This project addresses our limited knowledge of the physical, psychosocial, and environmental factors associated with reduced physical activity and relative impacts of these factors on cardiovascular...   Details

Understanding Southeast Asian Students' Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence: A Q-Methodology Study.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant problem in the U.S. as about 4.8 million women each year experience physical assaults and rapes. Womens experiences of IPV can have long-term harmful...   Details

Understanding the accessibility needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Continuing the R2D2 Center's ongoing research concerning people with disabilities and the accessibility of the environment through universal design, this opportunity will introduce this student to...   Details

Understanding the interactions of nitrogen fixing bacteria with plant-hosts

The objective of this research is to determine the interaction of endophytic N-fixing bacteria with their cereal plant hosts. Grasses (cereals) are major food crops that require substantial amount of...   Details

Using Satellite Imagery to Determine Ground-Level Aerosol Pollution on Cloudy-Days

Pollution aerosols have an adverse effect on human health and the environment. These tiny solid or liquid atmospheric particles are thus an important quantity to measure. In areas where ground-level...   Details

Using an educational game on I-Pad to promote learning motivation

This project uses an educational game featured on I-Pad to increase learning motivation and performance. Specifically, we are going to investigate if competition or collaboration (and what types of...   Details

Validate a Newly-Developed Quantitative Spasticity Measure

Although the impact of spasticity on activities of daily living is profound, available assessment tools that quantify the severity of spasticity are lacking. This project aims to validate elbow angle...   Details

Viscoelectric Data Generation

The development of high-voltage static electric charges in flowing dielectric fluids is called the viscoelectric effect. This phenomenon has been known for many years, but has not been...   Details

Water Bubble Mixing Study

Aeration research for cleaning waste water by injecting oxygen bubbles in the water field. The work will be performed by designing effective aeration membranes to generate fine bubbles through...   Details

Weather Forecasting - Applied Research and Operations

A program called Innovative Weather (see exists on campus that makes real-time weather forecasts for a set of southeastern Wisconsin clients (including entities like We...   Details

Website Implementation for Analysis of Online Behavior of People

In this project, we aim to implement a website for collecting data to analyze online behavior of people. In particular, we are interested in knowing how humans choose a service (an option among...   Details

Weight and weddings: An examination of the influence of the wedding industry on weight ideals and shape management

The "Weight and Weddings" project series investigates (1) the ideal body shape constructed by adults on the marriage market, (2) the weight management behaviors (e.g., exercise, food choice, dieting,...   Details

What is the English Education Methods Course in the 21st Century?

This study investigates how English teacher candidates are being prepared to teach secondary English language arts in a changing political, economic, and cultural context. The researchers in this...   Details

Wind turbine research

Wind energy is one of the important renewable sources of the energy for 21st century. This project focuses mainly on the turbine blade design for residential wind turbines. The project will consist...   Details

Wisconsin Farm Oral History Project

Nicknamed the Dairy State, with over 78,000 farms from Bayfield to Kenosha, Wisconsin is one of the most agriculturally prolific states in the country. The Wisconsin Farms Oral History project, an...   Details

Working Memory, Rumination, and Depression

Rumination is the tendency to perseveratively focus on one's own negative moods and thoughts. Rumination in response to depressed mood has been shown to increase risk for clinical depression, and...   Details

Zebrafish as a Model System for Studying Skeletal Deformities in Humans

We use zebrafish as a model system for studying how gene products and environmental factors interact to cause defects in the skeletal system. We have isolated mutant fish with a high rate of...   Details

Zebrafish as a Model for Studying Neurodegeneration and Dementias in Humans

We use zebrafish as a model system for looking at how genes and environment interact to cause defects in the nervous system. We are particularly interested in how exposure of embryos to common...   Details

Zoom-in Simulations of Star Formation in Turbulent Molecular Clouds

In recent years, the study of star formation has advanced by leaps and bound because of the increasing computing power that has become widely available as well as the proliferation of advance...   Details

pH Sensor Characteristic Testing

The quality and status of water can be detemined by various factors, such as concentration of minerals, microorganisms, heavy metals, and other chemicals. pH is the representative indicator shows...   Details