Office of Undergraduate Research

Optical Imaging And Spectroscopy Of Biological Tissue

Projects in Biophotonics lab is a combination of different sets of disciplines from electronics to optics and applications in biology. The lab is dedicated to conduct research in three areas: 1) Biological tissue optics studies: fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy and imaging 2) Design state of the art optoelectronic instruments for optical imaging for in vivo biological tissue. 3) Development of image processing/enhancement techniques for data interpretations.

Tasks and responsibilities:

a. Students will learn about fluorescence microscopy, imaging and image enhancement/processing. b. The first student will develop a software for image processing and enhancement. The main programming language to be used is MATLAB. c. Second student will be involved in designing and developing an optoelectronic instrument. The main program to control devices for this task is Labview