Office of Undergraduate Research

Studying Electro-Fluidic Interaction Of Biological Cells Using High-Performance Computing (HPC) Algorithms For Graphics Processing Units (GPU) Parallelization

The application of micro scale electromechanics toward the manipulation, characterization, and separation of particles has recently emerged as a strong research area. Due to the prevalence of its usefulness in such situations, dielectrophoresis is an especially interesting phenomena. Dielectrophoresis is the result of forces on neutral particles caused by spatial nonuniformities in electric fields. The dielectrophoretic force is applied without making physical contact with the subject and is otherwise very nonintrusive. It is also very inexpensive, in terms of energy, to generate the fields necessary to manipulate microscopic particles . These qualities make dielectrophoresis an ideal method for the manipulation of cells. We have proposed to design a dedicated electokinetics and fluid mechanics coupled field simulator with the hopes of making it available in the design of micro electro-mechanical systems and biosensors.

Tasks and responsibilities:

-Parallelization of the solution on desktop computers by accessing parallelizm in multi-core CPUs as well as graphics processing units (GPUs). - Implementing more modern mesh-free methods in parallel on GPUs. - Contributing to conference and journal publications, as well as an NSF grand proposal.